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  1. Agreed!
  2. Does it incorporate the right to kick them in the knackers repeatedly whilst shouting "buy your own ****ing house you soap dodging animal waste product" ?
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  3. Doesn't mention any thing about bears in the woods.
  4. Now they need to criminalize the act of civil trespass and get a few non traveling travelers sorted out.
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  5. That's not a right, it's an obligation.
  6. A bird squatted on my cock once, I rather enjoyed it.
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  7. I hope the rule is extended to pikeys parked on playing fields, roadsides and farmers gateways. Must be sickening if you've bought a house and are just waiting to move in, then some swampy dreadlocked twat gets in, wrecks the place and won't move out. Its been a long time coming this.
    Incidently did anyone see the French clearing those gypsy camps in the news the other day? it was a real sit back with popcorn moment! Sorry about the Wail link, it has the best pictures Saint-Priest: Police clear Roma gypsy camps in France | Mail Online
  8. We had squatters next door to us when I was a kid. Nice medical students. Then one day, one of them fell through rotten floorboards and broke his back.
    My, how we chuckled.
  9. Wonderful news for anyone who has a vacant property. I rent a property out, and when empty am often worried about squatters moving in. This is a big step forward providing the police play the game.

    As for the bleeding human rights liberals. I have no sympathy with much of the 'but they'll die alone and cold on the streets' line so often touted. I am friends with an individual who is very well placed to know about the current london homeless situation, and their estimates are that the number of genuinely homeless people on the streets is minimal. Most people you see on the streets have a house, but for a variety of reasons chose not to sleep there. In many ways rough sleeping could partly be seen as a mental illness, requiring appropriate treatment to get at the underlying causes.

    In London the vast majority of squatters are young dole scum, often from abroad, and who have no self respect, dignity or willingness to get a job and pay their way. They expect to magically jump the housing queue and get the nice victorian house that someone has worked years to pay for because its 'fair'. I think giving them a 30 second head start before I unleash the hounds is fair too...
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  10. But that would be against their human rights, although you'd have to be human for that to apply. What's that banging on the door... oh hello office........
  11. That BFO grab is definitely the tool for the job. I'm assuming the French cops divvy-up the scrap aluminium?
  12. Only once?

    This should be interesting. I've come across a surprising number of squatters, some of them from reasonably well-off families, most with a decent education - 'Trustafarian' types. They view squatting as a lifestyle choice, a way to 'opt out' of normal society and live rent and tax free. People like that get absolutely no sympathy from me - refusing to contribute to society while exploiting the protection of society's laws is nothing but hypocrisy. I'm a little more sympathetic toward down-and-outs whose only other short-term option is sleeping on the streets, but I suppose it's all in the application. At least this gives the handful of people who've had their homes occupied after a weekend away or even popping out for a few hours a legal leg to stand on, though.
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  13. This is feel good law that will achieve little but sounds good.
    No several buildings have been squatted. Squatters kicked out building still empty.
    at least one is empty as the owner is sulking because he couldnt put a tower block on hove seafront.
    i mean property devolopment was about making money I thought build something at the same level as everything else profit.
    Whine the evil council wont let you build a 25 story tower. No profit:(.
    Massive housing shortage loads of empty buildings lets make squatting illegal that makes perfect sense.
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  14. It comes to something when a socialist French government has set an example that a British government should follow but won't due to a severe lack of backbone. Cameron you spineless excuse for a man take note.

    Vive la France!

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