This seems like the best place for advice and info. Because I am very confused;

If I get into your house and steal stuff, that is a bad thing and you will go to gaol.

If I break your windows, that is a bad thing, and you will go to gaol.

So far so good, but if I break into your house and change the locks, declare it my home, you're fucked and get the fun and legal expenses of getting the squatters out.

If I roll up mob handed, to reclaim my home, I am in the wrong.

If I break into your house and leave with your copy of The White Album by The Beatles, that is theft, and the nice Police will spend time pursuing the culprits, and hopfully bringing them to justice.

My question is this;

If you steal my albums/passport or other item of kit; that is theft and alledgedly, the legal system will pursue it. But if I cannot get my passport, records, or clothes, because I have squatters, this is not theft, and any attempt makes the legal owners the villains!

Please excuse the long post but I would love to know the legal thinking behind it.


From what I can gather Squatters can't break in as that is breaking and entering! They have to gain access via an open door or window to then squat :) As for getting your stuff back, pay some local heavy to show these home stealing twats the error of their ways, and be out of the country when he does it :)
Cheers for that, that was the same sort of advice offered 30 plus years agoBiscuits, i like your thinking, I have similar assets at hand. But nonethe less how can a thief do time for stealing stuff from your house, but a thief can steal your house and be protected by law?
There enters the condition of "theft" being an action designed to permanently deprive someone of the rights of ownership of most material things which is a criminal intent.

Squatting is result of trespassing which is not a criminal offence but civil unless it us done in a specific way relating more to farmers land than houses. If the person broke a window they could be prosecuted for that offence, if the person squatted and then buggered off with your mike and the mechanics records they could be prosecuted for theft/burglary depending on the circumstances of the exact situation.

You have the right to use reasonable force to protect yourself, your family and your property to remove the immediate danger against them ie if they were breaking in or threatening you, you could use the minimal amount of force that you reasonably felt was necessary at the time, but, you may be called to justify that action.

If, you wanted to kick the dirty squatter out, it makes "sense" that unless they are presenting immediate danger in a physical sense the minimal amount of force you can lawfully use is a kind word or a legal document.
I was under the impression it had to be an empty house also, if someone just enters your property which are living in I would imagine you have a right to kick the door down and kick the **** out.


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Piece of piss , do a counter squat, using druggies and homeless tossers, all issued with short term lease and rent book, let them turn the squat into a shit covered health risk by giving them large amounts of cheap booze some laced with Phenol thayleen at the end of the lease time you can evict , the original squatters will be long gone, and the clean up will not be cheap
What Kirkz said. A mate of mine has numerous houses that he rents out, and some scumbags got into an empty one and wouldn't foxtrot oscar. The authorities were not informed. We went round @ 05:00 one November morning, clad in "Northern Ireland National Costume". As soon as they saw us they fcuked off sharpish. We didn't touch any of them, they just ran.

Not that I recommend such a course of action, Constable.
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