Squatters in the FIBUA

It would seem that the FIBUA village buildings were made so well that we have squatters on the premises. Not even ARRSEr's either. :roll:

Edited to say oops a bit big.
Go in mob handed, give the unwashed a good shoeing, kill their dogs and make them swallow their heroin needles.

You could also remove the create objects rite for all but arrsehq group, but its a bit draconian. Just return their objects and orbit them next time their making house on our street.
You missed all he fun we had another griefer filling the island with stuff. Mostly fire animations looked like Greece at one stage. Running around parcel banning can be quite amusing. The create object rights option would that effect bullets in the FIBUA? Good idea though otherwise why do we have a sandbox. Nice to hear from you boney. BTW
We tried it before, removing create objects has an effect on all sorts of stuff. Its really meant for shopping areas and private land etc. You could give it a bash and have another look at the effects - its only 1 tick box on the config after all.
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