Square Bashing Videos

Ladies, Gents and other creatures...

My mob has a Parade coming up. I would rather like to get some footage of the guards doing some sort of Square bashing for the lads to watch seeing as they are shit (Myself included.) as a sort of heres how we should look thing.

Any help links or whatever would be appreciated!!!

Cheers Ears!
I wouldn't mate, it was a p!ss taking vid. Not worth the hassle.
none of the vids on that site seem to work, and i was going to add one of the pirate ones to the Arrse cruise thread/
Oh i see cheers. I try to do one good deed and what do i meet. This kind of childish behavior... Im impressed where do i sign up. : ) Now i actually want it to work... Damn Irony!

My mum says when im a grown up i'll be paying Mess fee's.... OOOoooo Cant wait!
Hmmm thanks mate but i think i have left it a bit late. The nuggets are just shit n that is that. Multi step! Machine gun halts! and saluting like an aircraft prop!!!

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