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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DesertRat, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Ok love 'em or loath 'em lets face it they are here to stay and we all have to cough up for them at some point. However I have a question from a group of people myself included. In 2004 those of us that were posted away from a Signals unit in Aldershot (the one that is still there :wink: ) were told point blank by our Troop S/Sgt that he would not sign our clearance chits without us all paying up todate on our Sqn/Tp funds. That part is fair enough as I said unfortunatly we all end up paying them. Our question refers to this next part. We were also told we had to pay into our leaving present fund which forms part of the Sqn/Tp funds. Over the 3 or more years that we were there excluding Operations/Overseas Exercise that ammounted to approx £50 per person. We were also told that we could no longer do the old brown envelope collection from amongst the lads as he was going to collect £1 from all members of the Troop to go towards a leaving present which was collected in with ruthless efficiency. Come leaving do, where's the leaving gifts? "There isn't one, hasn't had time to collect one and it will be forwarded to next unit." One year on and we are pretty much all still in touch with one another and not one of us has recieved any refund or gift. A couple have got in touch but have just been brushed off.
    I know some may think that this sounds like a bit of a bleat and may think didums get on with it and move on. Fair enough if it turns out we don't have a leg to stand on I'm sure we can just bite the bullet and move on but with the ammount of money thats been collected in and with nothing to show that is a fair ammount of spondulicks someone is sitting on. Is there anyone who knows any paths that are open towards getting a refund or our long awaited bronze statues/pics or have we fallen foul of a scam and should just accept defeat humbly walk away?
  2. sounds to me like someone mugged u right off

    u've been 'ad

    shocking but true
  3. LOL yeah looks that way don't it.
  4. On just the facts stated, there might be a case for someone to ask for an investigation here. It is not just Officers' & Sergeants' Messes that get their accounts fiddled.
  5. Really? Despite the time elapsed?
  6. Yep I was at the said unit and the same troop and left before you DesertRat. And the SSgt said the same to me. I was particularly not happy when I served over 38 months there and didn't get a thing, not even my own presentation money - which should have amounted to £32. Especially as I had always given generously towards leaving presentation collections, I feel as though my time there was pretty worthless when I was posted with not even a "Good Luck", let alone my cash ! Thanks but no thanks to the independent Signal Squadron in Aldershot.
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    thieving staffy? report him, troop funds are a great idea and should be accounted for, at least ask for your money back that you paid
  8. is it just a rumour that "troop funds" as well as pri bills are infact an illegal collection????? i've herd that the army can't take away monies from you in this type of collection once you have bin paid?
    don't get me wrong im the first to put into some1's leaving envelope, i was just wondering if theres any truth in what i've herd?
  9. Unless checked and accounted for by someone outside the troop (Normally pay clerk/Offr) troop funds are illegal. There is nothing you can do as you should'nt have been paying them in the first place therefore you have just been giving your money away purly on faith - if they have not receipricated then name names!

    They can do what they want with the money - even if it means spending it all on themselves!
  10. So thats how you paid for that 78" Plasma Telly...

  11. Unlike the vast majority of urban myths going around the Army, the one about Troop/Platoon/whatever Funds being an 'illegal/unlawful fund' is actually well founded.

    All monies collected from soldiers must be properly accounted for and have a properly appointed Fund Manager at the appropriate level* - usually not below an officer of field rank.

    I am not suggesting for a second that everyone stop paying into them, because the vast majority of these sorts of activities are very well run by people of integrity. Unfortunately, there are bad apples around who regard these things as a way of providing a few extra beer tokens...if you know what I mean.

    If you suspect 'foul play', the first point of call must be within your own chain of command - a quiet word with the Boss (if it's your Tp Staffy) or Adjt will soon resolve most problems - indeed this is true of most cases. If the situation warrants it, the relevant agencies will be alerted and tasked accordingly. SIB(UK) and SIB(G) have very well trained Finance dudes who live for this sort of thing, so if there is something dodgy going on, they'll find it. :D

    *Just to expand on this: in virtually all units, this will be (for the purposes of this thread) the OC. He/she will probably delegate day-to-day admin of the various funds down to the Sqn/Coy 2IC. However, be under no illusion that the OC is still responsible for that fund. The sh!tstorm that can (and does) unfold once financial irregularities are discovered is frightening - Army + fiddling money = career death for anyone concerned.
  12. In our old units case the funds were collected by another full screw in the Troop and then accounted for by the Chief Clerk each month and the system worked up until the period mentioned when they were taken over by Tp S/Sgt at which point they seemed to stop going to the Chief (as a few of us asked for the leaving fund to be told he hadn't recieved the funds for x months). It was also around this time we had a change of Chief Clks so the new system carried on without it being chased up.

    In response to Calypso's post should it be through our present chain of command or get back in touch with old unit?
  13. IMHO if you want to pursue this - and are serious about it - you will have to approach your last unit. Your current unit will have little appetite (or wish or will) to become involved in it.

    If it transpires that they simply 'forgot' or 'it's in the post', I suspect that you will never get what's yours. I am still waiting for a presentation (from an Officers' Mess) from over 2 years ago, so it does happen!

    Sorry I can't be more help!
  14. Not a problem thanks for your info so far.
  15. You have to keep the current chain of command in the loop for a number of reasons, not least of all when the shit hits the fan and it will one way or another if you have kept them out of it then they arent going to be well chuffed. Also you have more of a chance that the old unit will take notice as well.

    Finally, from what has been said so far on the thread it certainly seems someone has their 'sticky fingers in the pot' and deserve all headed their way.... But, you must get all the facts right before leaping, the burdon of proof will be high and once set in motion there's no going back. Dont forget, as mentioned before in this thread 'Army + Fiddling Money = Career Death'

    One other nasty thought, if the individual responsible looks on ARRSE then forwarned etce could be the case... I would'nt normally suggest a thread get chopped but in this case in mho I think the MODS should, at least until after it is all sorted.

    Oh and good luck DesertRat