Squadron of Choice?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Johnny_Ludlow, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. So the Squadron Commander's Board sits in a few weeks time. If your name was on it which Squadron would be at the top of your list to command and which would be at the bottom? Please attach reasons!

    The choices are:


    All comments welcome - I've got to get my PPP in asap!!
  2. I would like 661 please Mr Ludlow. The reasons are many, but the main one is I could upset all the German wives who havent been anywhere else but Boschland, and think the world ends at the border with Holland.
    Oh and to spend the ridiculous amount of money they get for serving in a foreign country..........not that the 10 years did me any harm.
    By the way I didn't realise that 662 was up for grabs?
  3. It must be 663!!

    I think Im too tall though :oops:

    "Follow the yellow brick road...Follow the yellow brick road"

  4. So..... you want me to command?

    It has to be 654, I couldn't manage a worse job than the ginger tosser if i tried for the next millenium......so therefore I'd look good ;-)
  5. 661 if you want an X5
    655 if you want to fly

    lairdslick, your telling me the ginger tosser is actually in charge of men now?? We are on about the same one I gather? The one that they used to make big big bombs out of x by itself? Thank god I'm out.
  6. There isn't defintiely something to be said for following on from incompetence! I guess the character of the relevant CO also comes into it - any ideas?
  7. D-Fens.....
    The very same completely incompitant buffoon who proved himself beyond all doubt when sat in the front of an aircraft from The Scottish Horse. The thing is......where is he off to now??? Good luck to all of you poor people ;-)
  8. D-Fens, you obviously haven't been to The Fatherland recently, where the average monthly hours are in excess of 20!!!!
    However I still don't think that is a good enough reason for commanding the 661st.
    What a shame that 652 has just got a very good Squadron Commander or Mr. PH could have come to a real squadron!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  9. Well i think 663 but only if they bring back BS who was the OC in 2003 and who his sqn to war......! Hmmmm and also i like 652's new OC, hopefully better than the last one!
  10. RH,
    20 hours a month? Who's that with you sharp pencilling twat!!
  11. Definately Germany! Although 661 is the no 2 sqn over there. Give me the Frogs any day, but any sqn has its noshers on board, eh Shortfinals!? 8O
  12. saucer of milk for one... :)
  13. You'd need more than one saucer, ever tried herding cats?
  14. oh well yet again no sun shine posting!!!
    well may aswell do a few more years in sunny suffolk then!!!

    think your info is wrong though Jonny! (you must work for Manning records)?
  15. Attitude Adjuster! Are you refering to me? :twisted: