Squaddy booby traaps in hotel rooms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ugly, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Last night, well in fact at about 3 this morning having just arrived at my travelodge the "pissing in the kettle/iron thread sprang to mind, I think it may have been the jackest practical joke thread. Anyway sat on the throne I moved the shower curtain to prep for my thrap fest and a sh1tty clump of bog roll fell to the floor. :x Top that off with the fact that the TV remote was missing I suspect a squaddy was to blame. :cry: If anyone can ID the room at the Croydon central Travelodge then we have the culprit! :twisted:
  2. So thats where the bog roll went !

    Must of put it there whilst cracking one out into the shower head!

  3. Why would you need to move the shower curtain to have a thrap fest?
  4. Not got any tricks but left the sour mingebags at Gateway Brize a wastepaper basket full of sick and a set of bedding so lagged and vommed it looked like a Damien Hirst ensemble.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    that explains the inbuilt shower gel dispenser!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I needed to check out the shower for a blue lagoon style barclays and the khazi was small enough to allow me to move the curtain whilst still crimping on off!
  7. It would be rude not to leave such a package in ones wake. :lol:
  8. A mate took his mrs to a travel lodge/holiday inn/cheap chain hotel before they got together as he was banging her whilst she was still married. Anyway I'm waffling.

    He arrived and hoping to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later he decides on going for a shower. Appraently strips off and grabs a towel and as he shakes it open to put round him not only does a used durex fall onto the floor but he nearly stands on it, sees it, slides on the bathroom floor and end up sat on his arrse with a soggy c0ck welly between his legs. She must have seen the funny side as she married him but I was rather amused by the story.

    Now that you mention it someone with enough genius to manage that. Bare in mind that the towels are cleaned then returned to the room by staff must have either been an ex squaddy on a mission to ambush the cleaners trolley or a seriously arrsed off maid!
  9. Some of the birds they leave behind manage to be both booby traps and booby prizes. Is there such a thing as a biological booby trap?
  10. I've spat my fat in to one of them laminated fold up room service menus before (well about 15 years ago), whilst on a KAPE tour. This came from a really good brainstorm during a drunken/semi hungover evacuation from the room (because I was late (But never to late to have a w@nk)). I asume because of the airtight qualities of the laminate and the pure laziness of the choggie cleaner it would of given some blue rinsed granny a nice present 3 months late :p KAPE I love it.
  11. Always slide the room service dinner plates under the bed - good test of the cleaners! Record was about six plates one week (bottled it though and told the receptionist on check out).

    Oh, and aren't those room safes, just the most fun for setting combinations on.
  12. had a poo on a room service plate, unscrewed the air conditioning duct, sent the plate down the air con passage and screwed the duct cover back on.

    knew I took the leatherman on a battlefield tour for something or other.

    my room mate got his kicks firing his load in the kettle.