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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_0ne, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. For all the specs/contact wearers amongst us how do you find day to day duties being in the infantry and having to wear glasses or contacts?

    Are they a hinderance or not?

    Any precautions you have to make such as not wearing contacts in really warm/dusty climates like iraq/afghanistan or isn't it a problem?
  2. I'm not Inf but when on exercise I use Wiley-X Nerve goggles with RX prescription inserts.
  3. One of the AT guys on Telic 6 got a bit of dust stuck behined a contact lens, ended up with major infection and I do believe was without use of said eye for several months.
  4. If you wear contacts, always keep a pair of normal glasses handy just in case.
  5. Which are those? Are they the goggles you see the lads wearing on op telic at the moment and in afghanistan?

    When you say RX prescription inserts what does RX mean? Are they inserts the force provide to your prescription or similar?

  6. I use 2 week disposables but try to take them out every night, even in dusty desert-type places with no problems.If I need to I can leave them in.
    The only problem I had was one night I had just taken them out and gone to bed, about an hour later we got crashed out and I had to put the things, soaked with hydrogen peroxide, back in my eyes. Like swimming underwater for 2 hours in an over- chlorinated pool. After that I kept 2 pairs on the go- one always ready to go back in.
  7. well i use 30 day continuous wear lenses and i never know im wearing them, take them out 1st of the month, pop a new pair in and away i go. on telic the my optician warned me about the dangers of having continous wear ones there. bacteria getting in behind them, or dust etc, so i took some specs out there, and used dailys instead when needed.
    am not a fan of wearing specs when working, just too much hassle, ESPECIALLY when useing a SUSAT, just end up with lens pressed against your eye.
  8. Which brand of lenses are those that you are wearing for 30 days give or take?

    Do you not feel drowsy wearing them such long periods or suffer from dry eyes afer a while?

    At moment i wear glasses but wear daily disposables for me leisure activities, if i get in id look to try something like the ones you wear for a whole month or ones you wear for a few wks at a time :D
  9. Robust specs beat lenses hands down. Apart from environmental threats to lenses, like dust, heat etc leading to infections, you end up carrying too much paraphenalia. I also remember a certain gunner officer leaving his in his mess tin overnight, to be woken by his driver with a nice brew. "Where did you get the water bomb'?" he enquired "I thought we were all out?" "Oh no sir, I found a little in a mess tin!"
  10. My bold, why would wearing contact lenses make you feel drowsy. Could just be I'm having a blonde moment but don't get it........ :?
  11. I use daily disposables. They are superb and I've never had an eye infection since I started using them. I've worn them in the Sahara in fairly foul dusty conditions without problems and have left them in for up to 5 days at a time when I couldn't change them out there.

    However, I'm no longer in the infantry! When I was in TA inf (late 80s, early 90s) I always wore glasses in the field simply because that was what I would HAVE to wear in the type of warfare we were anticipating then. For NBC (does anybody do this anymore?) you couldn't wear lenses because you could end up getting contamination.
    Spectacles are a complete pain in the Arrse compared to contacts though. Rain is a big problem. In driving rain you just can't see at all. Dust is less of a problem because you easily wipe it off - doesn't work with rain. They also mist up when going from cool to warm environments - getting out of an airconditioned vehicle into a humid atmosphere for example. I can see that this could be operationally difficult.
    Spectacles are cr4p in hand to hand fighting. (Although having their glasses knocked off turns any spectacle wearer into an ultra-violent fighting machine in milliseconds :D :D )

    I would say overall:
    1) Go with the daily disposable soft lenses but carry plenty of spares and sling them at the first sign of infection and every five days at any rate.
    2) Get a slim folding pair of titanium framed specs and a slim steel case for them that will go in your trouser pocket. (Item of clothing least likely to get lost.)
    3) have a second pair of specs in webbing.
    4) Watch out for CS when you're wearing contacts!

    Hope this is constructive and useful.


    Ex STAB
  12. The inserts are just plastic frame thingys that you can bring to your opticians to have prescription lens fitted. They are like your plastic spectacles without the legs.
  13. ok i get mine from specsavers £18 a month i think, the manuf i cannot remember but the lenses are called "night and day" or something similar. they are specifically designed t o let large amounts of air to the eye, even more than is needed. now and again i might wake up with a hazy eye (due to sleeping with eyes not quite closed, hence the lense dries a little) but an eye drop or a few mins and everything is sorted.

    i dont have to carry any paraphinalia around with me, at most i take a spare pair of lenses and they take up no room. not once in all of the time of wearing them have i ever lost one while wearing them and needed to replace it.

    i took them out when in the CS chamber obviously, and in a "real" NBC threat it may not be advisable, but for 30 days of complete ignorance to wearing them they are a cheap, and very real alternative to laser surgery.
  14. Month disposable contacts - that went 'in' on Day 1 and came out Day 30

    Used on T2 and T3 without any problems... (in Inf role)

    IMHO, Not replacing contacts on a daily basis reduces chance of
    x-infection ...but always carried spares + glasses

    (edited: 'not' changing THEM whiLst in dirty poo holes like Iraq - where anything could be on your hand and the risk too high to warrent changing lenses)
  15. Yeah and especially dont handle them if you've just used alcohol gel on your hands!!!