Squaddies Top Ten DVDs?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TankiesYank, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Trying to assemble a Christmas gift and would like to tap into the ARRSE knowledge base for help. Sorry if something similiar has been posted, I went through previous threads and couldn't find anything.

    Anyway, the Tankie is hard to shop for. He doesn't need any more outdoor equipment and I can't afford NVGs. So I thought I'd give him a few small things, including a collection of the top ten Army movies on DVD.

    I'm not necessarily talking about war movies...I'm really looking for any movies that really caught squaddies' fancies. You know, the ones that you and your mates quote from periodically. Things that might have boosted morale or given you something to laugh at during a critical period.

    I already have "Blazing Saddles," and am buying "The Blues Brothers" today (if that tells you how long the auld b@stard has been in). Any other suggestions from various ops/time periods?

    We have all the porn we need...I'm really looking for feature films.

    Thanks in advance. :D
  2. Hamburger Hill & Wild Geese are both excellent.
  3. This is Spinal Tap, Dr. Strangelove and any of the naked gun movies.
  4. Any/All Monty Python films.

    Zulu (naturally)
  5. 1.Zulu
    2.Wild Geese
    3.Dog Soldiers
    6.Full Metal Jacket
    7.Major Payne
    The Holy triumvirate of Monty Python: Holy Grail, Meaning of Life and Life of Brian.

    I bet you could give a quote from all of those feckers :D
  6. Not military but I.D was always a favourite.
  7. Police Squad - the TV series - same crew as Naked Gun flicks but I think funnier
    Fargo - Coen Borthers at their best
    In Which We Serve / The Cuel Sea - both brilliant if a bit old and salty
  8. I would have to say 'The Lost Boys' is a great film.
    Vampire flick
  9. For Vampire flicks try Vampire lovers..or anything involving Ingrid Pitt getting her jubblies out and snogging other women.
  10. Football Factory is a cracker, especially after a few jars of the foaming ale.
  11. National Lampoon's Animal House!!

    Often formed the prequal to a weekend of Germany lunacy - best watched by numerous blokes in a room that contains nothing but a settee, a TV, a VCR and several stacks of "Green Handbags"
  12. Just buy the sharpe box set.

    Much better than a few films and it'll last longer too.
  13. if you can get hold of THE HILL, Sean Connery's finest acting moment (outacted Ian Bannen AND Harry Andrews!)your old man will be VERY happy.

    FMJ, DadsArmy TV series, The Longest Day, A bridge too far, Ice Cold in Alex. They just do not make films like these any more ! :cry:

    Recently, SAW, Layer Cake have been very good.

    For pure comedy gold, PORRIDGE BOX SET.
  14. Ice Cold in Alex

    That Lager at the end always makes feel thirsty
  15. 1 The Eagle has landed
    2 Zulu
    3 Ice Cold in Alex
    4 Dambusters
    5 633 Squadron
    6 The Great Escape
    7 The Longest Day
    8 Reach for the Sky
    9 Battle of Britain
    10 The Guns of Navarone

    In no particular order, but my top ten war films