Squaddies on BRAVO TV

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Neo, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    :evil: Did anyone else manage to watch BRAVO last night, a programme about the police doing a cracking job arresting hoodlams up to no good in Falkirk/Stirling/Barrow and York. Well, anyway, the York section was very derogative towards the local squaddy as they were not only portrayed as getting minging whenever off work but the average squaddies bird is also worth arresting because she can't keep her trap shut. Now don't get me wrong the guys involved didn't look like your average baby sitters and the girl(?) wasn't exactly singing come by yah me lord either but the narration was terrible. The narrator just kept on mentioning the squaddies are this and the squaddies are that. Funny enough I did not know what the other trades were for any other arrestee's only the bill oddies!

    Now this is no means a dig at the police because they were on form and clearing the streets of the kno****ds that make it worse for everyone else. The narrator however should get a MGB carrying handle right up her *rse and her gob filled with rugby club p**s.

    Maybe I am wrong but either the guys in York need to calm down a little or keep off camera at least. And programmes/press/reporters should not include our job as a description all the time, after all the club/pub owners get enough cash out of us anyway.

    Comments please

    Neo... :twisted:
  2. Nothing new mate. I have a copy of the Yorkshire Post from 1992 which has a front page headline about trouble makers at night around York, and a big picture of me, apparently fighting with the locals! If the journalist who was out that night had bothered to stand and watch, she would have noted it was a group of men on a stag night chatting to local women. Usually two sides to the coin, and the media needs something for the TV or front page!
  3. In the late 80's I was going out with a girl from Canterbury. I think 2 QUEENS were at Howe barracks at the time, and they were blanket-banned from the five or six best pubs in town with signs on the door saying "NO ARMY."

    Interesting thing was, one of these pubs didn't seem to mind, whatsoever, that it was the regular plotting-up point for the "East Kent Bushwackers," which was the local chapter of Chelsea FC football hooligans. They would routinely behave like complete cnuts in this pub, but for some strange reason they weren't banned.

    I know from personal experience that some young squaddies really don't do themselves any favours when they go out on the pish, but that was really unfair.

  4. Interesting about the door sign - I went to a pub once that tried that until we asked if they banned coloured people as well. When he replied of course not we proceeded with the discrimination arguement and the illegality of his decision. He backed down.
  5. Nothing new, you regularly used to see 'Soldaten Verboten' signs on German hostelries. As with all easily identifiable groups it only takes one or two to spoil it for everbody else.

    Mind you I think it was a 2 Queen's soldier (or it could have been PWRR post merger) that took a holdall into a local night club and went home forgetting all about it. You can imagine the bouncers' surprise when they looked inside to find a mortar round (inert drill). No wonder they banned squaddies.
  6. Bearing in mind at that time everybody was well into "The Summer of Love" with silly haircuts (etc) it was quite amusing to watch the poor old crop-headed Bill Oddies trying to blag their way into the nightclub next to the railway station on "Student Night" every Wednesday.

    I mean, Canterbury is quite nice. But it isn't exactly "excitement central" for the average twenty-year old infantryman. I was mates with a couple of them (I was in 5 QUEENS, the local TA Bn) and they were always borrowing my NUS card!