Squaddies forcibly removed from OP.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. About 1100 locals in Columbia have forcibly removed six squaddies from a hilltop in Columbia.The locals are not prepared to continue being stuck between the army and drug producers.

  2. Wonder what would have happened had el paddy tried that on the Golf Hotel towers down on the border.
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  3. They would have probably been shot. :)
  4. That's a bit biased. No coverage of what they did to the drug producers?
  5. Continued getting paid by them?
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  7. With all the reports that we receive of the violence and bloodshed in Colombia, this take-over seems remarkably civil. From the news reports that I've read, the impression is given that only one of the soldiers resisted (presumably the one pictured) and was carried 30m down the hill. The rest, according to the BBC, numbering about 100, apparently went without much fuss.

    Given that there were 1000 locals involved, the episode could have turned out quite nasty for both sides. Kudos for restraint.

    I doubt that the next few days will be quite as peaceful.

  8. Not wanting to be stuck between the army and the cartel, they remove the army. Oh well, live and let live I suppose.

  9. In the BBC article it says they also told the FARC rebels to get lost as well.