Squaddie Tree Graffiti

Umm, how was Frank Fearing from Hudson Mass. sweating out D-Day in 1945 according to the carving?
So Chantel likes looking at wood belonging to old soldiers, she should join ARRSE then!
Good on her! I know some of the lads on Queen's Lifeguard said that some of the dates engraved in the stones of Horse Guards arches date back to around 1920. But it does seem a tradition to graffiti where ever you go in the army - even if its a regimental sticker on the bottom of a birds bed!
There's a load of American squaddie graffiti on trees on a small island in NI. It was shown on that Dan Snow (Dig WW2?) program a few weeks ago. I forget the island's name now though.
I think it was Rams Island on Lough Neagh,there is a piece on it in this link.
Rams Island

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