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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. prague.....heaven on earth

    the beer is cheap

    the city is beautiful (what i saw of it)

    it has THE best looking pole dancers i've ever seen , and for the right price gents.......... she could be all yours.

    did i mention the beer is cheap?
  2. without a doubt the greatest city i know. i've been going there since the russians left, in fact i remember waving good-bye,

    fantastic jazz clubs if your into that, oh and they love Brits, especially squaddies

    this is no joke, similar to the Poles, the older generation remember Britain as being the safe haven and the younger ones want to learn english.

    ah the dancers, :twisted: :twisted:
  3. I have also been to Prauge, one of the best 7 days of my life!

    Went there with a couple other students and due to the exchange rate, the three of us were living like kings the whole time. Were talking about 5 star resturants with violens playing and pinao music. for the equivalent of 30 Euros!

    There is a fantastic dance club there that has four levels. Each level had a different theme and it was packed with hot tourist girls. Great Martini bars too!

    All this and the great culture, cathedrals etc. We saw all of that stuff, although we were hung over most of the days there.

    Also took the time to visit a Nazi concentration camp just outside the city...that was rather depressing but interesting to see.
  4. i always wanted to shag czech women :lol: they look really gorgeous so i guess i could get them cheap at the prevailing exchange rate
  5. picture the scene , you're in a strip club , and the most jaw droppingly gorgeous bird you've ever seen in your miserable life has just finished giving it big licks up on the old pole , as she walks back towards you , you have a "waynes world" moment (you know the bit ..... foxy lady!!)
    anyway , said beauty plonks herself down next to you , and says
    "you like me yes??"
    "er......no you're f*cking gopping , what do you reckon i'm dribbling for??"
    "perhaps you would like to make with the f*cking with me yes??"

    life is good. 8O :lol:
  6. Did you manage to take in the K5 club?
  7. So strip clubs aside. :evil:

    Would it make a decently cheap honeymoon. : evil: :wink:
  8. possibly , started drinking thursday at 13:00 , tumbled into bed at 04:00 on saturday morning for a brief respite , then back out at 14:00 saturday until 07:00 sunday , i lost 5 pounds in weight and am only just back on solids.......but my god i'd do it all again tomorrow.

  9. surprisingly i'd say yes , the place is gorgeous , and you could always "pop out for the papers and some milk" :wink:
  10. brilliant place for honeymoon - has everything chicks love - beautiful buildings, castle is stunning, row boats on the river, jewerly stores coming out the yinyang (can you tell i did tour guide stuff over there) :wink:

    seriously, if you want more advice pm me
  11. Quality!!!, it is bringing back what little memories i have of the place oh happy times!!
  12. Im in!

    Time to do thing romantic. :roll: :wink:
  13. Sounds excellent. We both need a break and Prague was already on the shortlist but now I'm sold on it :twisted: We'll be heading over 11 Oct for about 5 days. Know any reasonably priced but good hotels? Last minute deals? Easyjet for flights yes? Cheers.
  14. speak to veronika at d&s bohemia travel , she sorted out hotels and transfers for 15 blokes and is very very very helpful.
    hotel prague express is pretty good , 3 star and right in the city centre.


    say Neil recommended you , if you pay cash in most hotels you get a 10% discount.
  15. short-fuse seems to have it sussed!

    see if you can stay near the "Old Town Square (Staromìstské námìstí)" big main square with huge statue of Jan Hus (their Martin Luther - actually he lived 300 years before ML, but this is not a history lesson).

    top spots:

    Jewish Quarter - with the cementary - this can freak you out. Musuem there established by the Nazis, which was suppose to demonstrate how nasty the Jews were - needless to say it is a chilling memorial to the Holacost.

    Excellent walk - from old town square, head toward Charles Bridge (one with the statues), across, head up the street and towards the castle (big thing on the hill - can't miss it). Its a long walk up, but well worth it. Then whilst up there head to the catherdal. Stunning views over the city and countryside

    Best part - every 50 yards will be another pub!

    YOU MUST DRINK BECKEROVKA - its the local liquer :twisted: :twisted: with woman it acts like an aphrodisiac

    anyway, i could go on for hours - best tourist site - www.prague.cz - they do an english version

    go on - you'll love it