Squaddie Top Trumps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Top Trumps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    We all know SLR beats SA80, Para Smock beats old combat jacket with socks on the cuffs.
    P Coy beats AACC, Assault Pioneer course beats Rat Catchers course, Armour beats wheeled.

    Also there is Regimental Hierarchy, SAS beats RLC, Signals beats REME.

    Give me your Squaddie Top Trumps.
  2. Whoooooaaa there SRM.
    Since when did Bleeps beat REME? :)
  3. The Nostalgia! One of the best school breaks games in the early 80's... I can imagine original Trumps boxes are worth a fair bit on the likes of Flea-Bay nowadays!
  4. Come on, Postie beats RMP both are beaten by Para Reg.
    AAC Pilot beats everything if you believe Flashie
  5. none issued anything beats issued anything??
  6. Canned Babies' Heads beats Vegetarian boil in the bag
  7. Looking at the Similar Threads thing below I can see this has sort of been done before.

    However, Army Chaplain's Department beats Int Corps
  8. I see your SMG, and I give you... Wombat!
  9. .50 defo beats AK47
  10. CMT beats hca............. sorry, cmt slaps hca..............
  11. MMM... Nurses beat Doctors, for so many reasons
  12. WRAC Driver trumps QA Nurse.
  13. STAB trumps on reg
  14. Minimi beats LSW!!!!

    every time!
  15. yeah I was married to a QA ... they beat Saddams mustrad gas!