Squaddie - Steve McGlauchlin

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by TARA, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Just read this book, would be interested on the infantry slant on it, particulary RGJ
  2. Filbert, no link available at present, the book concerns a guy who joined RGJ served for 3 years (2 and a half when you take 6 months off for training) deployed TELIC 2 and 3 months NI, i just thought he had some strange ideas about us in general and the RGJ in particular.
  3. I haven't read it but a mate did; he said it's a bright ex squaddy describing 3 years of random violence and institutionalised stupidity.

    Probably about right. :wink:

    That's a tongue in cheek reply before all the Danekillers start reaching for their GS shovels in affronted outrage:twisted:
  4. Grunts? elite? :roll:
  5. I though that it was interesting to read a book about a soldiers service that didnt inclue a single contact. It is quite a rare thing in my opinion. I felt that his main motivation for joining up was the untimely death of his brother who was a serving RGJ. I felt like he inlcuded the scrap he had with another lad from his unit whilst in Iraq with such graphic detail in order to compensate for th lack of "action", I personally didnt have a drama with that absence.
  6. There is a book about a Bootneck with similar story lines, Amongst The Marines or something, basically its a narrative about how many people he chinned whilst serving, there is a follow on about how many people he chinned whilst a civvy.
  7. The author is a member on this site, there is a thread knocking about somewhere on here from when the book was first published.
  8. I read the one about the Bootie, didn't get it myself. it was just like Junior Leaders
  9. B*llocks colander, you have never stank of the River Exe....Gash book though, although I love it when Steve gets mad on the internet....the man is a font of rage