Squaddie - Steve McGlauchlin


Just read this book, would be interested on the infantry slant on it, particulary RGJ


Filbert, no link available at present, the book concerns a guy who joined RGJ served for 3 years (2 and a half when you take 6 months off for training) deployed TELIC 2 and 3 months NI, i just thought he had some strange ideas about us in general and the RGJ in particular.
I haven't read it but a mate did; he said it's a bright ex squaddy describing 3 years of random violence and institutionalised stupidity.

Probably about right. :wink:

That's a tongue in cheek reply before all the Danekillers start reaching for their GS shovels in affronted outrage:twisted:
From the harsh realities of basic training to post-war chaos in Iraq and knife-edge tension in Northern Ireland, "Squaddie" takes us to a place not advertised in army recruitment brochures. It exposes the grim reality of everyday soldiering for the 'grunts on the ground'. After the tragic death of his elder brother, and in the dark days following 9/11, McLaughlin felt compelled to fulfil his lifelong ambition to serve in the army. He followed his late brother into the elite Royal Green Jackets and passed the arduous Combat Infantryman's Course at the age of 31. Thereafter, McLaughlin found himself submerged in a world of casual violence. "Squaddie" is a snapshot of infantry soldiering in the twenty-first century. It takes us into the heart of an ancient institution that is struggling to retain its tough traditions in a rapidly changing world. All of the fears and anxieties that the modern soldier carries as his burden are laid bare, as well as the occasional joys and triumphs that can make him feel like he is doing the best job in the world. This is an account of army life by someone who has been there and done it.
Grunts? elite? :roll:
I though that it was interesting to read a book about a soldiers service that didnt inclue a single contact. It is quite a rare thing in my opinion. I felt that his main motivation for joining up was the untimely death of his brother who was a serving RGJ. I felt like he inlcuded the scrap he had with another lad from his unit whilst in Iraq with such graphic detail in order to compensate for th lack of "action", I personally didnt have a drama with that absence.
There is a book about a Bootneck with similar story lines, Amongst The Marines or something, basically its a narrative about how many people he chinned whilst serving, there is a follow on about how many people he chinned whilst a civvy.
The author is a member on this site, there is a thread knocking about somewhere on here from when the book was first published.
I read the one about the Bootie, didn't get it myself. it was just like Junior Leaders
tropper66 said:
I read the one about the Bootie, didn't get it myself. it was just like Junior Leaders
B*llocks colander, you have never stank of the River Exe....Gash book though, although I love it when Steve gets mad on the internet....the man is a font of rage

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