squaddie sports day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. do you remember the trepidation of getting towards the end of your haybox breakfast on the ranges in training , knowing full well that soon you would be required to take your place in the "inter section margerine eating competition" and hoping that "the chunk" was still peckish?

    or were you the holder of the "500m space walk" record on hythe ranges , with your smock and trousers filled with shingle ....

    or did you prefer the "gas parts javelin" followed by the " i am a w*nk soldier" crawl to retrieve the same.

    who could forget the photo finishes , and the controversy over the winner of the "apple bobbing for a sausage in a haybox of beans" .

    who else partook in these feats of strength , endurance and extreme sillines
    what was your chosen event ? were you awarded anything as prestigious as the dead pidgeon i had to carry in my bergan for a week ?

    i didn't know wether to post this in sports and adventure training , but i didn't want any of the replies to be deleted.

    shortfuse would like to state , that no mongs were harmed in the writing of this thread. :)
  2. I did the gas parts javelin in a shop a few months ago, to much amusement. I also did the "gas plug self-propelled shotput"... :oops:
  3. The DS annual Battlecamp 'Golf cross Aliens video game'.

    Formed up in three ranks 100 meters away from the DS.
    Made so side step 15 pace left...

    Then one pace forward...

    Then 15 paces to the right and so on.

    Winner was the one not hit by the golf mad DS. (All par 5 players).

    It was OK though as were allowed to wear our tin hats?

    or One "Ahem" Soldier , given a broom handle with a kitchen knife tied to the end, made to run 250 M away from the ruined farmhouse the DS were dossing in.

    We were all given 10 blank rounds , no BFA's,gas rods or magazines for the SLR.

    Formed up in two ranks we had "Lt Chard" ordering us to "volley fire" with "CSG Bourne" enforcing the front and rear ranks to kneel in turn while reloading our Martini-Henrys.

    After our briefing ,our soldier 250m away was told to run towards us shouting a chant of some sort.As he advanced we had our own personnal reanactment of Rorkes Drift.

    Ah those were the days.
  4. Just remembered the "Respiratior... Respirator... OH Fukc the Gas Chamber lessons.

    3 X Junior Soldiers, 2 x Mk 6 Ressies and 1 x CS grenade.

    Door shut off we go...

    Sorts the men out from the Boys we were told...
  5. Oh the margerine competition and it was always that dodgy Eros Margerine in the orange wrapper. I was the chunk... could pollish two bars off in about 1 minute 30 seconds... needless to say it came back shortly afterwards

    Remember the shail on Hythe Ranges... every sprog was wieghed down with about two hundred weight of pebbles.

    oh happy days :D

    on the Gas chamber olympics I used to love that one, no one dared take my resi or they would get the contents of my stomach all over them... including the afore mentioned Eros margerine :D
  6. my introduction to the squaddie sports events was the "1500m in sleeping bag and tin helmet" this was billed on the troop notice board as a fitting session , but we knew the DS had bets on who would be first back to the lines from the QM's , which for anyone who wasn't at dover , was across the MT square , with either the safe flat route , or the more treacherous , but shorter steps route down to 82 squadrons block , i went for the latter , and got my very first prize which was a lovely broken nose , accompanied by two smashing shiners ....... i was so proud a little tear escaped my eye. :cry:
  7. We had a variation of the Alien game which was called 'Spin-a-Mong' three ranks of invaders pacing as described above. The DS each with their own Mong who was spun around in a crouching position for about a minute and a half before being stood up and told to run towards the aliens. It was pitiful, especially for me as I was the flying saucer who had to run backwards and forwards behind the invaders making a whoo-whoo-whoo noise. I remember the lad that went into the fire trench though, but apparently chicks dig scars so he was probably OK later?