Squaddie Scam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theprior, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Not entirely sure this is the right place for it, but:

    Was on my way home through Brum yesterday when a bloke approached me asking what regiment I was in (it was the big black bag wot did it!) He then gave me some spiel about being in 1 PARA and ran off his number and some blurb about weapon drills and proceeded to tell a sob story about being thrown out by his missus, no wallet, clothes etc, and needing to get to Aldershot by this evening.

    Told me the Careers office, etc were shut and could he borrow £30 to get back. Fair enough thinks I, but I heard EXACTLY the same story last week from another individual in Brum. I have some details (their serials were identical!) but wonder if it's worth doing anything about this?

    Also should serve as a warning for others...fcuking despicable the people do this!
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Tell him to report to the nearest police station and ask for assistance.
  3. Some ex soldier who is a bit skint and thought he would try it on. Obviously a growth industry in Brum if it is the second time.
  4. had the same thing happen to me a few years back, only never said he was a squaddie. this was on a sunday. only problem was he had asked me exactly the same thing the week before, albeit on a tuesday or something. told him he could have walked there and back twice in the time he'd had.
  5. Why would he be wanting to go to Aldershot then? Any one with a bit of mil knowledge would know where the majority of units are.
  6. If he's 1 Para then surely he wants to get to Colly or even Creddon Hill/Crickhowell/wherever the SRR are these days. Didn't think any Reg were left at the shot. Lying tosser.
  7. Remind them of the MOD warrant system and to call their Regt Duty Officer if stuck. That way they can only con you for 20p for the phone.

    Clear scam - point them to the police or nearest unit who may help them and watch them feck off sharpish.
  8. same thing happened to me (not the squaddie story tho.) One great way to reply is:

    "sure mate, happy to help, follow me and I'll just buy you a ticket"

    just watch the little fcukers flap when they realise they arent getting any cash.
  9. People do this all the time. The bloke who says his missus is in labour, borrows 30 quid to get a taxi to the hospital and gives you his "car keys" as insurance is another classic.
  10. Well they're near there ish. :roll:
  11. I had something similar when I was visiting Nottingham, offered to help him out by calling the nearest police station, if he kept up the pace he ran off at he could have been home in a couple of hours..
  12. Should've offered him a lift and dumped him at the nearest police station.
  13. Similar thing happened to me in Nottingham around Christmas time, the bloke needed £20 for a taxi, as he was 'late for stagging on' (?)
    When i asked him what he did, and what unit he was from, he actually named MY unit, and with the trade he said he was, would have been in MY section, too!!!
    Small world!! Strange i didn't recognise him!!!
    Oh, how we both laughed, as i told him to 'F@@K OFF!'
  14. Hey at least these blokes are trying, they take the time to think up a story do a bit of research for facts and then act their little socks off trying to convince you.

    It is a hell of a lot better that some bog monster screaming "Giesaquid", "Gotnesparechangemate" and the like.
  15. Met a Jock last year in Exeter selling the Big Issue on the High Street who said that he was ex-Army and had fallen on hard times. Without any prompting, he reeled off a fictitious Army number and said he'd been discharged from the "hardest nick in the world" at Colchester.

    I asked him if he enjoyed the smell of the pig farm at which point he asked why. I said that the smell at MCTC is well-known by in-mates. He then asked if I was ex-mob and when I said that I was, he said that all the bluff was "for the other punters" who didn't know better. He'd never been near a Careers Office in his life!