Squaddie Scam

Hello all, not sure if this is the right place for it, etc. but was on my way home through Brum today and a bloke came up to me and asked what regiment I was in (it was the bag wot gave it away!) He then proceeded to dish out a sob story that he had just had a fight with the missus, no money, wallet, etc. Gave me (at high speed) his number and some weapon spiel, plus the barracks he allegedly inhabits. And then asks for £30 to get him back to Aldershot.

1 PARA apparently and needs to be back this evening-Careers Office shut, has rung charities etc, not able to help. All very well thinks I, but I had a bloke do exactly the same thing a week previous (down to the same number!) in Brum.

Has anyone else encountered this? I have some details if they are of use to any one...also, is there any point in doing something about it?

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