Squaddie Rumour- Lottery Winners Discharged?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by topgun2010, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that lottery winners in the armed forces are often discharged on "disciplinary" terms...

    Any thoughts?
  2. Do they get an RSM's pension?
  3. Yeah, you bleeps are proper gullible cunts.
  4. Only if they leave as a Private.

    I'll leave someone else to explain the 2359 rule. I can't have all the fun myself.
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  5. If so I'd love to be in Germany when I win the Euro Lottery, Tax-free Aston Martin Please. !

    ...better keep quiet about the £10 I won dont wish to be discharged
  6. Yes yes of course, it's a well documented fact that it's impossible to stay in the army if you earn more than your CO. :roll:
  7. "Often"? How many lottery winners would there be amongst a population of less than 200,000?
  8. Happened to me after I got three numbers and the bonus ball. Was fucking gutted as I had a full career ahead of me.
  9. You got kicked out because you hit the RSM within 5 seconds of him waking you up. You are such a big fibber.
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  10. They do not discharge you but give you a Commission. We had a full screw at my unit who won the National Lottery back in 94 when they first started it. 6 Months later he was a Captain. In Queens Regs no JNCO/SNCO is allowed to have more money than the CO.
  11. Better not do the British version of the Euro lottery online then, the bastards don't pay out if you live abroad.
  12. tosh and nonsense, REME tech (my mate) won it in '95. £1.4million, he signed off, not a mention of going officer, in fact the resettlement officer was a complete arse, moaning about him "taking someones place on a course when he didn't need it" although after 11 years he had every right. Got so pissed off next monday morning pulled up to admin office in new car, put £800 on the desk and asked for the PVR form. Note, the £800 was just a symbolic gesture as he was putting a formal complaint in about resettlement twat.
    No commission, no compolsary discharge papers.
  13. Was this before or after they sent you to see the CQMS to ask for twenty spirit level bubbles?
  14. Apparently they can only discharge you under EU employment law if all of the balls in the winning set are "odd" numbers...and it's true sir, isn't it, if you put the engine out of a Ford in a Vauxhall and the Vauxhall engine in a Ford they both go faster...

    Suddenly it's 0315 in the CP and the boys are asking for the wisdom of Solomon from a 22 year old CPO...
  15. I bet he claimed his £534 though didn't he? 11 years and PVR, of course he must have.