Squaddie One Liners and Crazy Abbreviations !!

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Not another DS famous saying topic, but a look into some famous phrases that soldiers use so eloquently to describe that certain situation, and not forgetting those abbreviations that help us get the tick in the box on courses!!

One Liners:

"she's seen more japs eyes than a tokyo optician"
"she's seen more c0ck ends than weekends"
"that dress she is wearing looks like two seals fighting in a bin liner"
"a face like a bull dog licking p*ss of a nettle"

Crazy Abreviations:

RTFQ - Read The F*cking Question.
NFI - Not F*cking Interested.

Sure there are many moany more arrse readers can come up with.........
How about 'THBDAFMTB"....

....... stands for "This Has Been Done A Fucking Million Times Before"
I've got to lock this on the grounds that its been done hundreds of times before.

Have a picture of me nailing my screwing my lovers helmet to a desk instead

Not open for further replies.

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