Squaddie on X Factor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Nah, not the financial aspect rather the entertainment aspect. Anyone watch the QDG lad? He was quite good. Hope he goes all the way.
  2. Why did he say that if he didn't get through he'd have to go to Afgan? Is there a clause in the contract making you exempt from Helmand if you get through to round 2 of a 2nd rate tv show?
  3. Double digit beer in the naafi karaoke good or actual good? :?
  4. Could have had a shave, sloppy drills = sloppy soldier
    Good singer though
  5. was rather good, wonder if its paveway-3 not heard from him on here for awhile :)
  6. He's got my vote, not that I watch that pish! cough cough!

  7. Looked unkempt and looked a tramp. Not sure if he was playing on the heart strings but he has done tour so he can reap the rewards.

  8. That's because he's too busy fcuking arrse slags or slating the army
  9. Was he improperly dressed?

    Driving a rover without headress....omfgg
  10. I will be voting for him if he gets through - solidarity and all that
  11. surely his name was "lou" as he had "andy" waiting outside his audition.
  12. Well the opther half heard about it on bfbs, so we just had a watch.

    Never voted for this pish before, but I'll vote for him cos he's one of us and not some damn chav after a quick buck

    oh, and hes with my bde, so come on!
  13. He did play the sympathy ticket a bit much, but what about those civvies who turn up on these things in wheel chairs and those orphans in their calipers with all their sob stories about all of their family either dying or being dead. Have they no shame?

    At least this lad can sing without dribbling or stopping to kick start his life support system.
  14. He was ok, wouldn't have got through if he weren't in dpm though, ozzy chick liked that one ;)
  15. and the irish guy. 8O :wink: 8O :wink: