Squaddie on X Factor??

First time I've sat down and watched this shite.

How does he do both? If they think it's a good publicity opportunity then I think the head shed dropped the ball on this one. He's not what I'd call a shining example of confidence. If anything he comes across a bit thick.

And jail that cunt for apparently losing his razor.
The other Hat is watching it and from what I can see he's tosh hope he's not got his redundancy as he needs to keep doing what he knows, mind you it's all a pile of shoite if you ask me
If he'd necked a couple of pints on stage, belted out a bit of Neil Diamond and then skiffed Kelly Rowland's glass, he'd have done us proud. He didn't though, and is therefore a cunt.
Agreed. Came downstairs after a phonecall from an old mate feeling rather chipper and then I was confronted with this shit.

"Shhhhoooooosh, I'm watching this" whined Mrs Beer Man.

I love Saturday nights.

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