Squaddie let mate drive a Warrior

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theiftaker, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Just been on the News(BBC News Northwest) About a scouse squaddie who let his civvy mate drive a Warrior over a Parked car. He filmed it on his mobile and some how the tabloids got a ahold of it. M.O.D. Refusing to comment. Anyone willing to bet copious amounts of wifebeater involved?
  2. Link

    Of course he was pissed, it says so in the article!
  3. Well I think such behaviour should be frowned upon :wink:

  4. I have just heard of this.....apparently the footage is on YouTube.
  5. You're going to be right pissed if it turns out that it's your car.

    But serves you right for driving a Vauxhall. :p

  6. Not much wrong with that 'Civvy's' Warrior handling skills is there...
  7. Saves him scrapping the thing himself.
  8. It was probably nicked anyway....... Little Angels...
  9. No idea how to link pc to telly, try BBC News Northwest. I'm not asking my daughter how to do it. If I even mention her name near the 'puter she runs off. I think she get's off lightly with a bit of I.T. support in lieu of rent. (She's five)
  10. No doubt this little story will be bouncing around Naffi bars for years to come. Stuff legends are made of LOL.

  11. You can find the video at THEPEOPLE.co.uk in the news section
  12. Civvy my arse, and that car was never road worthy in the first place.

    Looks like someone has been telling porkies
  13. 'Civvy' gets in , starts it , lines up with the car , doesn't stall the beast , bunny hop or over-rev , gets over the car, executes a nice right turn then accelerates.

    He must have a natural flair for it :roll:
  14. How much is one of these stories worth? Just out of interest does it command more dosh if you have pictures/video/mobile phone clip?
  15. Anyone got a link to the video. I fancy a giggle.