Squaddie humour?

Superb. The 21 yr old employee probally had a grudge against the firm. Do you blame him being a minimum wage slave in a prossesed meat packing factory !! I,ve always wondered why packaged ham stinks when you first open the pack LOL !!

Regards LT.
Uturdly ridiculous. (I'm trying to eat my lunch here - sandwiches - with you'll never guess what and mustard!)
Mmmm, 99p packaged ham slices, in other words, mechanically recovered gristle and the scrapings from the butchers broom. I cant see that the addition of a little dog sh*t would make it any less savoury. :lol:
Why recall it, id buy it (at knockdown price). What the eye dont see n all that.

Or just stick a label over it with the right info on it or sell it to people who cant read!
So they admitted the dog poop...yet they still remain reticent on the subject of human finger nails, rat droppings, paint flecks from the ceiling, diesel fuel et cetera? Hmmm, that looks suspiciusly like a double standard. Is this "Old Farmer Blair's New England Ham" brand ham by any chance?

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