Squaddie Girls

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spanglassruby, Oct 20, 2004.

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  1. Single youngish bloke looking to find a single youngish squaddie lass for long term romance(!) needs your advice on the following areas:

    Officer vs NCO

    Out in the field vs Sat at a desk trade

    Types of physical attritibutes that may not be obvious to avoid

    What do expect to be hidden under CS95 when she gets home for the day

    The best way to make them happy

    I know there's going to be a lot of crap given but there's always truth in a rumour!!
  2. JB

    JB Clanker

    You don't have a location shown - WHAT FCUKING PLANET ARE YOU ON?!?
  3. Certainly not this one :lol:
  4. OK OK I retract my last comment and apologise unreservedley

    (Damn sense of justice!)

    why don't you just buy your bird a set of C95 from local army surplus store?
  5. Question 1 - Neither - straight out of Phase two - fat, spotty, naive

    Question 2 - who cares they're both going to have big fat shiny arrses eventually

    Question 3 - Many - mainly STDs and acne

    Question 4 - Mars Bars, snickers, Gym Queens / DS / other squaddie girls flicking beans

    Question 5 - Who cares if they are happy. If you are still convinced you want a squaddie girl - so long as you lose some man fat everyone's a winner

    Apart from that, the only other piece I can give is "Get down Cheeks and bang a civvie mattress......" :roll:
  6. make sure her shoes don't look too "comfortable" or you'll be on a loser for a start.

    in fact , yeah just get a civvy bird and buy her some CS 95 , you never know , she might even be able to get her arrse to fit in it :wink:
  7. You can tell the difference between an Army lass and an elephant as the latter do not wear Ron Hills.
  8. Excuse my ignorance but what are "Ron Hills"????
  9. Spanglassruby,

    You're wasting you time here mate, all the birds here look like a group of extra's from 'One flew over teh cuckoos nest'

    Saying that most are easy and up for it so long as you can handle the smell... hygeine problems you see

    You will find someone for any fetish you may have, for exmple

    1. Dale - specializes in Anal, watersports & mild S&M
    2. BBC- Fisting, scat, animal sex
    3. Lippy- anything to do with disablities and dwarfs
    4. RRB- Group, voyeur, lesbo shows
    5. Naafi_bird - Bukkake, Domination and weird insertions
    6.Moodybitch- all of the above and group pi55ings and scat

    You see arse has it all. so long as you don't mind them looking like Simon Weston in a frock :D
  10. They look like ski pants, and are not worn by elephants.

  11. Excellent replies, it was half banter half serious and that looks as though thats how the replies came in too :)
  12. and of course coupled with stilletos and exposed beer gut with piercing (buried deep in the fat folds) for the Pads wife look :twisted:

  13. I do loads more than that! 8O :wink:
  14. She does do loads more than that..

    I can vouch for that! Nigel, my pygmy manservant hasn't been the same since :roll: