Squaddie gets bit at PRB

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BaggyInBlack, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. More crap in the Sun. The facts are so wrong, but then again, they always are with them.


    Soldiers' sick bite attack

    Defence Editor
    and JOHN KAY
    Chief Reporter

    A ROOKIE soldier is seriously ill in hospital after squaddies BIT him all over his body in a horrific attack just three hours into his Army career.

    Private Luke Scattergood, 18, has also temporarily lost sight in one eye after a thug gouged it with a thumb.

    The warped assault by up to four troops is believed to have been part of a sick initiation ceremony.

    It has also emerged that Luke had only just finished training at scandal-hit Deepcut barracks.

    He is thought to have been attacked late at night in bed by four soldiers — who also trained at the Royal Logistics Corps’ Deepcut HQ where four young trainees were shot dead in mysterious circumstances.

    Luke had only just been given his room at Princess Royal Barracks at Gutersloh, Germany, when he was attacked on Friday night.

    It is believed to have followed a drinking session by troops unwinding at the end of the week.

    Luke, of Barnsley, South Yorks, was rushed to nearby Gilead Hospital in agony.

    His regiment is just a few weeks away from deploying on a six- month tour of Iraq.

    A horrified soldier at Gutersloh said last night: “This has left a lot of us totally disgusted. It’s the worst thing I’ve seen in my Army career.

    “How can anyone expect this poor young lad to serve in a war zone with the people who have done this to him? They are animals who have no place in the Army.”

    The attack follows a series of bullying scandals in the armed forces.

    The most notorious was at Deepcut in Surrey, where relatives of four rookies believe they were driven to suicide by their tormentors between 1995 and 2002.

    Investigators have slammed a culture of abuse and violence that
    prevailed at the base and the MoD were forced to review procedures.

    An MoD spokesman said last night: “The Royal Military Police are investigating an alleged incident in which a soldier received injuries at Gutersloh.”

    Luke’s family were in a state of shock last night. His stunned father Ian said they were waiting for more information from the Army.

    He said: “The Army haven’t put us fully in the picture. We can’t comment until we know a lot more.”

    Neighbours said Luke was “an even-tempered, mild-mannered teenager”. One added: “He is a lovely boy. He gets on with everyone.

    “He has never been in any trouble, and we’d heard he was enjoying himself in the Army. He seemed happy enough with everything when he came home on leave.

    “He went to Germany last Friday. We just hope he is going to be okay.”
  2. Entirely predictable, woefully inaccurate and risibly sensationalised drivel from The Scum's dream team of Tom Newton-Dung and Soldier and MOD favourite John Kay.

    So, no basic or Phase 2 training?

    Ah. So did he spend the three hours at Deepcut or Gutersloh?

    'Nearby'; as in the next city (30 min drive), and bypassing the perfectly adequate A&E at the Gutersloh Stadtklinik (5 min drive). This indicates that the contracted ambulance service was used, rather than the emergency service.

    If only The Scum would follow his example....
  3. How typical of the SCUM to attempt to sex this up by usefully providing the link with Deepcut! Helpful quotes like:

    It's an assault. It would be useful if they waited to get the full facts. Yes, he went to Deepcut. Yes, his attackers (assuming they are RLC) went to Deepcut. So do thousands of other soldiers and they don't all bite chunks out of eachother or die in mysterious circumstances!
  4. Why all the vauge links about Deepcut? There is absolutly no evidence to link Deepcut with the events 400 miles away in another country!!
  5. Why are you reading The Sun? Stop reading it. Who cares what they print?
  6. Didn't you know? Deepcut is the new "fall guy". Whenever something goes wrong, it's always deepcut's fault.
  7. I couldn't find my socks this morning. Bloody Deepcut!
  8. Sounds like an initiation ceremony got a bit pete tong... we have all been in one...
    1 sqn 16 Sig Regt used to put NIGs in the shower and hose them down with the firehose reel.

    This is obviously some knobbers who didnt know when to stop. not saying initiation ceremonys are a good thing, however - always nice to feel you "earned" the right to be part of the sqn etc, another example was at H troop 220 sig sqn Bruggen - you had to drink a "mudflap" (baileys and a pint of coke) this to me is acceptable as an inititation, bite marks and eye gouges are just not on!

    If you did this and are reading - you are not welcome at the crawl. your sort are what spoils the good name of the army.

    You are the minority that causes "tension" in war zones.

    How are these people supposed to go into aciton with you - they cant trust you, and you my learned friend, can no longer trust them to watch your back either... the Army is (was) like a family, you didnt have to know people, but would still gladly help them, lend them money, share their problems, because at the end of the day, they would do the same for you. But you idiot dont get it, you are the jack barsturds that make themselves a brew without offering. you use the last of the bog paper and dont replace the roll, come in pished and lag up onthe carpet and leave it for others to clean.

    PVR and save everyone the hassle.

  9. Nice to see they have used a current picture for Deepcut.... there has ben No HQ DLSTG for at least two years the HQ is now DCL whcih had a press open day a few months ago. Would it be too hard to manage a photo of current signs?
  10. It's the only way The Scum ('The Paper That Supports Our Boys'), can make something out of what is actually not really much of a story. A soldier was allegedly assaulted, and taken to a hospital. His injuries were clearly not severe. It's a shame that these things happen, but no-one says that soldiers are all perfect all the time. The RMP will investigate and if there's a case the perpetrators will be dealt with.

    I'd be surprised if there weren't a number of cases where assaults took place around the UK on the same Friday night, resulting in individuals being taken to hospital. They no longer make the papers because they are so commonplace, and because not much is done about it.

    The Scum gives scant coverage to more weighty matters, preferring salacious and sensational stories of the type above, or about 'celebrities', these being aparently more 'accessible' to the dullards who form its readership. If they think it'll sell papers, The Scum will print it.
  11. You have to remember that The Sun exists only for the dumb f*cks who haven't the intelligence to read anything else, the failures, the white van drivers, the cabbies, whinging squaddies and so on.

    Why complain about it? You know the material they print, you still decide to buy/read it and then you complain about it? Is this a new form of masochism? I'm bored so I'll annoy myself by buying a copy of the Scum?

    Do yourself and us a favour, stop buying it.
  12. Perhaps the Editor of the Sun would like to comment on her caution for beating up her hard man husband Ross Kemp. Why did she do it? and why did all the press conspire to keep it as quiet as possible?
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    You lot want to be really careful 8)

    This is a report by the revered Tom Neutron-Bum of the Scum who is God to PTP (see the previous thread where he hangs out of TND's arrse). I can see this thread being censored if there any more attacks on such a worthy journalistic tome :twisted:
  14. It says a lot about the journalists at the Sun that two of them had to work together to knock out such absolute shite.
  15. I think it could be just a misprint. It should read 'Squaddie gets A bit at PRB' and the story was the usual Scum bollox trying to make something out of nothing.

    A horrified soldier at Gutersloh said last night: “This has left a lot of us totally disgusted. It’s the worst thing I’ve seen in my Army career.

    It should read :

    A horrified ex soldier not in Guetersloh said last night in the morning: " this has left a lot of us (me) totally disgusted. It's the worst thing I've ever seen in my former Army career but then it's the Scum and they just write bollox. Another ex soldier agreed with him while slitting another soldiers throat with a swiss army knife but remembered fond times at Deepcut. Another was unavailable for comment as he was having a dump and using the most appropriate paper to wipe his arrse.