Squaddie gets 3 years

An MPS press release, enjoy :evil:

A soldier who stole army ammunition with the intention of selling it to criminals has today been sentenced to three years' imprisonment following an investigation by Operation Trident.

29-year old Private Ian Trussler was arrested after police received intelligence and set up an operation to target him. As it progressed an undercover officer organised a meeting with Trussler where he went into his barracks and returned to hand over 21 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Trussler also offered to provide further items, including an AK47 and a rocket launcher.

The ammunition Trussler handed to the undercover officer was army issue and enquiries by Trident detectives and the Ministry of Defence, found it had originally been sent to Northern Ireland where Trussler was posted between December 2005 and September 2006 and again from 9 October 2006 until 16 October 2006.

Detective Inspector John Loundon, from Operation Trident's Central Proactive Team, said:

"The conviction and sentencing of Trussler sees an individual who sought to profit from the misery of gun crime. However, it is also disappointing to see a member of the armed services exploit the trust placed in their position in such a manner. "


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