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Squaddie German Phrases Please


I recall reading some pretty funny cod German phrases from some time ago such as Alles Uber Den Platz / all over the place...

Can anyone remember any more?




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Said by one of our more cerebral members who had been in Germany for over a year at this point:

"Vas costen the buns Jimmy?"
zwei rechts mein alte freund - to right my old mate

fick mein alte stiefel - **** my old boots

drei stuck bonbon - 3 piece suite

die alte Wilhelm - the old bill
Ficken das fur ein spiel von soldaten.

**** that for a game of soldiers.

Was ist die schaden Johan ?

What's the damage John ?

Zwei richtig burgermeister.

Too right squire.
Setz dich Kleiner....Auf meiner Kanone!

Das muessen Sie mit beider Haender trinken!

Wo is meiner Fahrrad?

Wie viel nach die Kaserne?
Was he a squaddie?

A SPAM, but here goes:

"Ich bin ein Berliner".

Remember talking this one through on an umpiring ex somewhere in the Reich, and the old Dear (I was on fetch bread recce) in ye old cake shoppe thought them very silly.

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