Squaddie Food Groups

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chalky, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. We're aware of the food groups necessary for a healthy diet/colon, being fibre, green, less fibre now apparently, vitamins and...something else.

    But what are the five foods or food groups required to keep your average Tom ticking over, or preventing, at the very least, his brain falling out of his arrse?
  2. BEER.....BEER.....BEER.....BEER.....&.....BEER.

    That will do any self respecting squaddie down to a tee.
  3. Dumplings in Butter Scotch Sauce,deeeeeeelicious...
  4. Muff, Stella, Curry, Eggy Bs and their own/someone elses urine
  5. pilchards in tomato sauce.

    yummy yummy.
  6. Beer, egg banjo, fried, range stew, horror bag
  7. cheese and bean toasties.
  8. Beer, Bratties mit pommes, Egg Banjo, kebab, Curry, Full English breakfast...
  9. A Horror Bag Sausage Roll that's still half frozen in the middle,ideal for Range day's...
  10. 12 pints of wobbly, a gyros pitta mit mayo from that gorgeous schnellie in paderborn near Savoys and a german bird with huge tits, the food of champions..........
  11. Bacon Sarnies, brown sauce and faggotts.....
  12. everything in our larder and fridge :x

    my lad eats us out of house and home everytime he comes home on leave, he even managed to eat a whole slab of extra mature cheese that i had hidden :cry: ...............as for the bacon...........5 packs demolished in 4 days plus over 24 fresh eggs straight from the next door neighbours chickens........poor bloody things went into overtime trying to lay more eggs for us :)

    and to add insult to injury he only came home to the bank of mum and dad because he didnt get paid till the weds and was skint so he needed us to keep him suplied till then :x

    god i wish i was his age again :D
  13. Compo Sausage. Chips. Cheese Possesed. Rolled Oats and Drinking Choccy. Pot Noodle.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Beer...Whisky....Egg Banjo (red sauce!)...Kebab with salad & chili(keep's you regular!)....Guiness....Minge Burger......Beer...Asprin!
  15. Fcking Phillistine.....red sauce? The people of Birmingham have taken to the streets beause Hienz are moving HP sauce to Holland, it is bloody people like you with your bloody nancy eating habits that are destroying our whole way of life. Shame on you Sir.