Squaddie fashions - Out of style.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. What don't we see anymore, what was yesterdays combat chic is todays warzone faux-pas. I'm going to start us off with Zips In Boots.
    I spent the entire GW 1 with zips in my boots. They were bast**ds to do up and the zipper rattles rather un-tactically and more to the point made me look a prat. I don't know why I bothered. What else used to be common place but now is rarely seen?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    The windproof smock - jungle trousers combo.

  3. Very old skool :lol: . Those helly hansen double pile jackets now softie
    buffalo seems more popular No one seems to buy their own bergans anymore. Desert boots for pub use .havent seen anyone in the naffi in jeans helly hansen desert boots for years ok it was an old sweat/nco combination when even i joined but lots of us used too have a combination like that for drinking in the naffi even if we would think twice about going down town
    looking like that :lol: Probably as dessie boots squish up every one got jeans and already owns wearing helly hansen .Black norgies ,fingerless ni gloves,
    Oh and the mark of the cadet /recruit camoflage nylon wallet havent
    seen one for ages what was i thinking :roll: .
  4. I saved my OTC pay to buy a NI Jacket ( better than the DPM crisp packet and great on range days in Barry Budon) used it when in the OTC but was definitely out of fashion by the time I joined the Regs 2 years later still in the loft unused for 15 years.
  5. Sewn in creases. Great on lightweights.
  6. Roll pin belts on your webbing...

    bits of sock as poor para smock type cuffs...

    tailored combat jackets .... the mark of a true REMF...
  7. Just a few first thing Monday morning...

    1. American field dressing pouches on the webbing.
    2. SUIT Sight pouches.
    3. Cutting the sleeves of your shirts off.
    4. Scrim Scarf on the helmet (Except Airborne)
  8. Sling extenders for the SLR...58 webbing consisting of left & right pouches, four (or five if a berganbelly) waterbottle pouches and a converted 44 pattern ammo pouch for the 349...and yes, shortfuse, those roll-pin belts were the canine cohones! :D
  9. Oddly enough I wonder if it was the sight of yes.. zippits on enemy boots lying in the desert, with or without former owner, which put some people off using them thereafter.
  10. I remember seeing some bloke trying to do the Nijmegen marches wearing a part of Zippits.

    Didn't seem to last the day as I remember!
  11. Zippits were hideous , as if they weren't bad enough i saw a RCT driver with a pair in , and to be extra warry , he'd put a grenade ring in the top of each zip , he looked like a f**king glam rock star. :D
  12. Here is another thing I remember -

    Issue crap hat shaped in a way that made I look like a Africa Korps hat!

    Finished off with a scrim scarf cravat!
  13. Privately bought bergens with 58 webbing - WHY???? They weren't compatible - your £120 bergen spent the whole time at a 40 degree angle across your back - crazy.

    In Cyprus - lightweights cut down to shorts. The Sappers used these on duty, some of them shorts were a little too short, and a little too tight, and looked like their owners were cruising for Scandanavian tourists. Svens, not Ingas.
  14. what ... they took shovels on guard !!!
  15. That may have been me. As I said. I looked a prat. Lesson learnt.