Squaddie fashion

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by buckshee_pullthrough, Sep 25, 2004.

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  1. Do squaddies still go out on the piss in jeans desert boots and t-shirt all sprting big g10 98 taches ?

    how about going into town to do thier dohbi in barbour jackets and ron hill tracksters on a hung over saturday morning?
  2. heeeerrrmmm we are now in the year 2004, you are talking about the army in the 40's. Get a grip!
  3. Got away from the rozzers again eh then Scally? :D
  4. you talking about me?
  5. nahh this guys a total t***er and knows fookall what hes going on about... they were still using the enfield 303 when his dad was thrown out of the forces... thinks he been in....... He's a walt..

    he holds a mega grudge coz he was a hated pads brat
  6. The KINGOs wear pink frocks and dye thier hair blonde.
  7. lol.... nahhh just us special ones ;)

    ha ha ha ha ha
  8. I don't know i've seen plenty of the Gypsy bean stealing pads on the pop in their ron hills and regi tops. {They can't afford barbour jackets}

  9. ????????

    I left 5 years ago and I still know many described like that
  11. No tache, and substitute rugby shirt for t-shirt, but otherwise, yes! Why, you wanna make something of it? :wink:
  12. Anyone remember 'Fives' in Aldershot? Once you'd got used to the gloom and dodged a few flying ashtrays it was a sea of maroon sweatshirts and crew cuts above, and brutus jeans and dessies (with luminous laces) below.
  13. I understand that at Sandhurst it used be be compulsary for the potential ruperts to wear a suit when going out on the p*ss. This apparantly included a hat (Trilby, deer-stalker, whatever.) The young lads didn't of course like wearing such hats as it made tham look like prats so they were abandoned in a near by hedge on leaving the base and when they returned they would have to take pot luck with whatever items of headgear were left. Is this true or b*llocks? Anyone know?

    I know a couple of fellas who still iron creases into their jeans.
  14. Let's see, squaddy fashion is beyond me, but Jock fashion mostly seemed to consist of:
    1 x button-up shirt, usually white base with stripes, but...wait, we had a discussion about this once...the stripes are more "masculine" than what the ruperts wear. No pink, ever! Dragon motifs still popular, even though civvy street abandoned those at the turn of the century.
    1 x black, creased trousers or blue jeans, whichever looks sleazier
    and lots of hairgel.

    Shoes I can't remember, but only teenage juniors would think that slags would be impressed by Nikes combined with this outfit. Seniors either have more taste, or their wives do.
    Overall, pretty normal stuff really, except for those damn dragons...

    And yes, I've heard that RMAS story too; which means it was probably invented by some C/Sgt...