squaddie fashion in Iraq

just came across this pic of Bulgarian troops on the bbc website.

I think the American dress sense has rubbed off on them slightly

Anybody else seen anything worthy of the military fashion police?

I was in the Czech Republic last year; even the local municipal cops dress like that. It's a post-Soviet era thing I think, after years of wearing furry hats, stripey T-shirts and jackboots they got their hands of bootleg copies of Rambo and voila....

With out suffering HELLFYYR's wrath , I have heard the Military fasion police have the RLC mover at SLB/APOD in ther sights . Issue desert DPM short 's, OAKLEY remf's only shades (red frames+lense's) severly trimmed desert bush hat , Issue socks rolled over the top of his boots , Shirt sleves tailored to shirt sleve order .
yeah i concur, that the QM's dept were the ONLY people i ever saw wearing the issue desert shorts. Funnily enough we never had time to don them with patrolling 24/7 cnuts! But i remember there was a "battlefield fashion" way of wearing the issue jungle hat, we werent allowed to trim them, so folded over at front and sides straight down. Me may have looked like tw@ts but at least WE ALL looked like tw@ts.
Well, the shorts were brought out at the insistence of the Army. They wanted something you guys could wear on down time when you were in operational kit only - no personal kit as it were.
If your management don't like them and don't let you wear them, unlucky. Not sure myself yet - have yet to see them worn out.
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