squaddie fashion in Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, May 15, 2005.

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  1. just came across this pic of Bulgarian troops on the bbc website.

    I think the American dress sense has rubbed off on them slightly

    Anybody else seen anything worthy of the military fashion police?

  2. hmmm could the short bloke actually be Robert Deniro?
  3. I was in the Czech Republic last year; even the local municipal cops dress like that. It's a post-Soviet era thing I think, after years of wearing furry hats, stripey T-shirts and jackboots they got their hands of bootleg copies of Rambo and voila....

  4. kewl doo-rag dudeski...shud be couch-surfing in 'sofia'.

  5. With out suffering HELLFYYR's wrath , I have heard the Military fasion police have the RLC mover at SLB/APOD in ther sights . Issue desert DPM short 's, OAKLEY remf's only shades (red frames+lense's) severly trimmed desert bush hat , Issue socks rolled over the top of his boots , Shirt sleves tailored to shirt sleve order .
  6. yeah i concur, that the QM's dept were the ONLY people i ever saw wearing the issue desert shorts. Funnily enough we never had time to don them with patrolling 24/7 cnuts! But i remember there was a "battlefield fashion" way of wearing the issue jungle hat, we werent allowed to trim them, so folded over at front and sides straight down. Me may have looked like tw@ts but at least WE ALL looked like tw@ts.
  7. Well, the shorts were brought out at the insistence of the Army. They wanted something you guys could wear on down time when you were in operational kit only - no personal kit as it were.
    If your management don't like them and don't let you wear them, unlucky. Not sure myself yet - have yet to see them worn out.