squaddie confession on radio 2

did anyone else hear this?
some ex-inf lad sent in his confession to Simon Mayo. apparently, during "a residential tour" (which took place in 1986) he got bladdered and came back to the lines late. his platoon was upstairs but he was hanging for a slash, so he used the ablutions on the ground floor, which were used and maintained by the platoon on that floor.
having finished his slash, the bloke looks round and spots a 5 litre tin of red paint. our hero decides to play a prank and empties the paint onto the floor, and uses a mop to spread the paint evreywhere, walls, ceiling, floor, trap panels, the lot. then, pausing only to throw his clothes and shoes into a dustbin, he goes to bed.
apparently, the platoon downstairs were made to clean the whole lot by their DS the following day

linky thing, it's at 37 minutes
BBC iPlayer - Simon Mayo Drivetime: 09/03/2011

ring any bells with anyone?

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