Squaddie birds have the sexiest arses!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by westside, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Being a bloke i honestly think, appart from the odd bergan arse, squaddie birds have the most sexy, gorgeous arses! Way nicer than civvy birds in general.
    Pics welcome
  2. Since the joining age for the Army is way over 8 years old then I beg to differ :D
  3. I'm with Albert on this.All the ones I've seen could kick start a Challenger.(Thats a tank by the way)
  4. Are you say you prefer 7 year olds bot bots? Youve clearly compared them.
  5. Did you say bot bots????? Oh dear!
  6. Are you refering to the Land Army girls circa 1939-45 or those you've been peeking at through the perimeter fence?
  7. Have they lowered the eyesight requirements for the Army recently? 90% of Army birds could wear a 9x9
    and make it look like lycra round the arse! :lol:

  8. The fact that squaddie birds have to do PT as part of their job, you would assume that they are generally fitter than civilian women ( alot of fit looking civie birds have never done a run in their life). However, most of the ones Ive seen in the army do not have sexy arses!
  9. Wrong, out!
  10. I was just a TA signaller for a couple of years, but I met literally one bird who would be considered fit by civvie standards, and one that you would after a night on the beer. All the rest were either as wide as they were tall or blatant lesbians!

  11. Of course I didn't you crazy mixed up fool!
  12. I can honestly say that in 18 years the only fit birds in DPM I managed to stumble across were TA nurses.

    The regs were Mooses.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: Part of their job? Brilliant stuff! :lol: Oh yea mate, they can't get enough PT them lot. If it's a non PT day they'll be up bergan tabbing before breakfast. Always first up the hill and they do it all on such few calories.
  14. Can say in 22yrs in the RAMC never saw those TA ones
  15. If you consider a back of a bus to be a nice arrse then you crack on fella 8O