Just a thought: Shouldn't Channel 4 do a Squaddie 'Big Brother'-

Set in a double corimec in Iraq or Bosnia, with say 10 or 15 squaddies.
10 blokes and 5 girls.

Add alcohol every 5 days.

Have a couple of Paras, a couple of Marines, few Loggies, a clerk, etc.

No one can be voted out.

Keep them there for 6 months- Compulsive viewing.

Any ideas for the capbages in the house?
How about adding a Plank and a Sapper...... they'll argue about almost anything but the ongoing 'White Lanyard' disussion should be quite entertaining.

RA & RE have never really got on all that well.
how about a couple of AGC Clerks

and a task could be to make there ass smaller!! aint got a clue how to thou :roll:
oh i forgot ya gotta have someone from the SAS in it ..... that should be funny :p
If there were paras and marines in there then there would be plenty of 'semen' in about 3 seconds flat, 'cos that's how long it would take them to play 'soggy biscuit'.
We would need a loggie to talk about supply chain management and their very clever IT systems (ACCOMMODATE anyone?)- otherwise when the rest kicked off no-one would ever get any sleep.
Then there's the PTI who hogs all the cameras and flexes his muscles, and BTW there is an SAS bloke in there..you just can't see him...ssshhhhh
How about a few Infantrymen to get leathered, Barf all over the place and generally look confused.....
Oh! And we'll need some TA to plug the gaps as there won't be enough Regs to go round.
and a war correspondant to Lie, over exggarate or claim there in heavy combat while bored squaddies sit around drinking tea :p


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Got to have a couple of RMP so that they can bitch about each other.

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