Squaddie becomes Muslim woman

'Gun toting'
'Went drinking and fired rifles on TA training'
'Now instead of warpaint and camouflage gear, she wears a black veil'

Intelligent journalism at its best

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EM: My child, your life is a spiritual void. Have you considered converting to a more fulfilling faith - one that is greatly misunderstood - and one that is known for its tolerence and peaceful approach to all life's foibles?

LV: That's a good idea Your Excellency. Things have been a bit shite lately and I could do with a bit of a spiritual uplift. I mean, what possibly could go wrong?

EM: And you might want to consider cutting your cock off too, cause that'll go down a storm in the mosque! Bwuh etc.
Looks like they'll have to install a third door at the mosque.

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He'll probably need wheelchair access too.


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Thursdays are going to be a bit confusing.
At least if its turning muslim after turning his sausage inside out we can hope that his lego head is hidden and we won't have to look at a chap who looks like he's eated his way through his mums lipstick draw.

Why do they refer to the TA as Squaddies........ Has it not got a full time job? I play with my testes longer each week than a member of the TA gives to Her Majesty on a tuesday night, maybe I should change my business cards to 'wanker'
Great another PERSEC security breech, why dont you report all our Spies and missions, hope GCHQ has you in their sites you Snowden !!!
Looking at that photograph (and nearly succumbing to a bout of nausea) all I can make out is a that a chubby, civilian spotty bloke decided to have his male genitalia removed.

The end product is still an ugly spotty bloke sans penis and testes.
Is it against the law for post-op freaks to appear human? I've not seen one in the western world that I'd even want to graze my knuckles on. That looks like the spaz part of Master Blaster from Mad Max.

In my amigo Ravers absence may I also add.

Shim shiminey shim shiminey, shim shim shawoooo!!

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