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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Following on from a thread on another site, I have just gone over some statistics and memories of my Squad (57) at Ashford and just wondered how many similarities there are between other Squads both preceding and succeeding the one in question. So I'll start, although I'm sure MV and Rebel can chip in with any ommissions/additions.

    Squad 57 originally formed in July/August 1974 with approximately 28 Direct Entrants (all male - although thats a matter of opinion)

    Joined in September 1974 by 11 potential transferees (3x R Signals, 2 x RCT and one each from 1 RTR, 16/5L (Paul Harman-deceased), 1RHA, 1DWR, 1 Para and REME), 3 ex RAOC Army Apprentices College, Blackdown and 2 ex AN(SI). (overall strength 44)

    Last all male Squad before we were raped by the Girls on Squad 58

    4 potential transferees RTU'd

    1 transferee and one ex-Apprentice + 6 Direct Entrants to Loughborough (with Birth Certificates) for brain removal and training as Darksiders.

    1 AN(SI) voluntarily RTU and later makes Corps RSM

    14 personnel (6 x transferees, 6 x Direct Entrants, 1 ex-AN(SI) and 1 ex Apprentice) Pass Off with Squad 57 in March/April 1975 (including one future Corps RSM, 1 Corps Adjutant, a few commissioned)

    Question - were statistics/wastage broadly similar for other courses ?
  2. Jaysus, that's some memory you've got on you, Spy. All I can remember of my squid was Taff S-J (heart attack/cancer or something), RFT, Ingledew (wrapped around a tree), Paul G (backsquadded umpteen times and now director of a major pharmaceutical), Harry the Bastard and some ****** who fucked off to ******* Oz when the Corps' back was turned. Retread2 my arse. Got himself well slotted into sunny Queensland when the rest of us were serving our sentences out in ******* Keady or wherever.

    Of course, there was always that oik from the RHA and the sheep that didn't bleat in the night...

    or was that just me? More beer, senorita.

    ...Edit: Oh, and Guy. Guy, what a bloke. Dreamed, shagged and drank his A3 through to the end, bluffing all the way. Crashed out spectacularly when his turn came to give The Final Presentation, for which he'd done bugger-all work other than wonder why everyone else was reading, scribing and letrasetting like demons all summer. Stood there, he did, in silence, next to the viewgraph thing while we waited, in silence, for five clear minutes. Back to the trenches for you, lad.
  3. Of course we were indirectly responsible for the cancellation of the Wednesday night disco's in the NAAFI after the Para's little flirtation with an epileptic 16 year old who had a fit as he shagged her and he thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. She unfortunately died a couple of weeks later when she took an overdose during the Disco. That same night the Scots Guards Drill Sergeant, Jack P, was caught shagging one of the WRAC in the car park, the wife of a Major in the Corps was caught shagging a Lance Corporal and the daughter of the Australian Exchange Officer, who was having it off with a long serving Corporal in the Corps, Henry V, also made a half hearted attempt at suicide.

    Or the busty, but not unattractive WRAC from Squad 58 who in an attempt to shag the said Para, pierced all the condoms in a large box so he could get her pregnant. Unfortunately he handed out the condoms to everybody else as he didn't believe in using them !

    And Me ! I got nicked with the Para and two other girls we were running home that night in an old beaten up Morris 1100 that I'd borrowed from someone I didn't really know. I also forgot to check if it had any Tax, Insurance or MOT or ---Number Plates ! But at least Henry V was good enough to let me have 20 litres of petrol from his hidden stash in his bunk.

    One member of our course even became a BNP Councillor and was jailed for alleged kiddie fiddling and another was kicked out as a SSgt in Rheindahlen for Kleptomania - from the secure cabinets in Group Headquarters.

    As I recall, most of this took place the night before our final Trade Test

    How the memories keep on flooding back
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  4. Happy days. One was my Best Man and I was Prisoner's Friend for the other.

    They don't make 'em like that any more.
  5. The shame of it was one had an absolutely stunning wife, short black hair, a really pretty face and a gorgeous body, and the other was going out for a time with a decent looking WRAC who married one of our Corps Training Instructors. Unfortunately the latter walked in on me in the Drying Room of Block 6A as I was trying to shag a pig ugly 16 year old slag - and I'm being kind to slags !
  6. "...Kleptomania - from the secure cabinets in Group Headquarters..."

    Ah. Must be a different bloke. Mine nicked a cuddly toy from one of the wee shops.

    Both the BNP candidate - with the hastily erased hard drive - and the bunny blagger were good blokes, though. I'll not condemn them.

    Now; RFT... That F wasn't for nothing.

    ..edit. Edit you bastard... why won't this thing wipe out those pictures....
  7. No its the same one, Andy T - always used to come across as painfully shy, the type who wouldn't say boo to a goose. Got the info on the secure cabinets from an ex OC PS Wing, same first name and last initial, who I worked with in civvie street.

    Agree that both were basically good blokes - they unfortunately fell by the wayside
  8. That was my motor and it was a Morris 1000 and missing items were mere technicalities, the car wasn't registered to anyone at Templar.
  9. You can blame Jerry R, the apprentice priest for giving me the keys !
  10. Bloody hell. I have often wondered why I have never been called to appear at Court's Martial, CO's Orders, Boards of Inquiry etc. It's because I never got caught, it must have been my youthful innocent looks.

    The third Apprentice in Squad 57, from Ballymena aye, and backsquadded to 58 eventually had to relinquish his career after setting fire to recruit's beds when he was the Basic Training Corporal. We learned hard as Juniors!

    I fully expected to be called to the inquest of the poor deceased girl, it was I that placed her in the recovery position in the corrider of the Acorn club as other local slags casually moved from bar to disco. The para did my a beer though sometime later in Duesseldorf.

    Rebel With A Cause was eventually found out and being a part timer he was sent to do part time work, with a part time organisation; now he does it full time - a career path back to front?

    As said elsewhere I have no memory of most of those in the Pass Off photograph. H-S, if you woud care to PM me details of who is who and what happened to them I would be very grateful.
  11. Career how dare you, unless you are using the other meaning of the word as in to move downhill in a rapid and uncontrolled manner.
  12. MV

    PM Sent

  13. I would quite like those details too, can't find the photo at the moment.
  14. What's all this modern speak - I for one don't recall any of this stuff being invented at the time !
  15. MV and Rebel

    Correction to previous PMs sent

    I believe the Brigadier had a double barrelled name