Squad 48

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Whiskybreath, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. If any of you grisly tw*ts are still alive, I hate, loath and despise you all. Including the b*stard who stole my 58 pattern belt - yes, you, you cont. As far as I'm aware, I'm the only one to have survived the first heart attack eight years ago and I hope you're reading this from a cloud base yourselves.

    No, not really :D Drop a line.

    Edit: I've just discovered how to access the net using my mobile, instead of the Zim equivalent of BT, which apparently routes all lines through Canada for some bankrupt reason, so I'm now able to talk to people again instead of shout. Sometimes you'd think you were living in a third world country, for God's sake.
  2. We're all here, Africa. I have often wondered about who is actually still alive, apart from you and I. Can we name the deceased here? OPSEC for NOK? I know the Welsh gent from the hills has shuffled off, and that rather portly guy with the 'tache met his demise in an RTA, and the tall pr1ck I wish I'd jobbed on the A1 course is lucky to be alive. I haven't even got a squad photo to remind me who else there was. I can remenber G** D**** who shared our room and went to the Duke of Boots, P*** C***** also shared our room and left the Army soon after. Also K** N****** from RAOC.

    And it wasn't me who took your '58 pattern belt, it would have gone round me twice.

    They're chasing 'survivors' from Squad 110 in another thread, I'm lost for words.
  3. Deleted.
  4. There ain't 'arf some cheeky barsteds about 'ere.
    Is there any way of getting a squad photo? I never had one that I remember, and all the others, of mess thrashes and miscellaneous courses all seem to have been burned by the missus in the name of tidying up or decontamination or something.
    Can't remember the Welshman, but the former maths teacher with the 'tache was always heading for that RTA. His driving skills were abysmal: point the car, accelerate, dream about calculus while the car drifts vaguely forward, point the car, accelerate etc. Almost as bad as R-T's (more usually known as RFT. He drove me to Canterbury once and I took a taxi back).
  5. f*ck me - squad 48 ? - when was that then - nineteen clickety two?
  6. Clickety-three, young fellow. Now, when I was in the desert, Monty said to me....
  7. I think Taff S-J was one of the first to go; he made Maj in the Education Corps but the Big C got him; tremendous character, always ready to help out, and I've still got and use the Claymore bag he gave me to carry my wash and shave kit in.
    No, you didn't nick my belt, it was that git who many years later turned up in Nigeria as bumwasher for one of the contract sy organisations. I had my moment of revengeful pleasure then (not involving bums or washing).
    Give us a clue about the tall one, then?
  8. That was Squad 48 at Ashford, summer 0f '73 ...
  9. Taff S-J was the Welsh gent to whom I referred. Not only did I get a bit of his kit, he did two things for me: he got me off the smokes and he taught me how to do courses. The tall one had a surname of S****n, can't remember his first name. He wore glasses and was at HQ 1 (Br) Corps just before we did our A1. Another name came to me, M** D****y. He was big too, and quite genial. Other outstanding memories are the sh1t food, the takeaways from 'the tank' and waking up in the TV room surrounded by empty wine bottles. I'll put that down to you though.

    Is the great grey greasy Limpopo clogged by your empty stubbies/dumpies yet?

  10. Sorry, didn't equate 'Welsh' with 'Taff'. Recall both the blokes you refer to but no idea what became of them. The wine was mostly Chianti or a close substitute. Hangover territory.

    Yes, here you'll see the Great Grey-Green Greasy, thoroughly clogged up with crocs and bottles, behind WB, and Castle in front.

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  11. I always wondered what had happened to Daktari. :wink:
  12. Alienda Ulaya, juu ya 'asylum seeker'. Sasa hivi anakaa kule Peckham, pamoja na 'MD (Bombay) (failed)'.
  13. :lol: My Swahili is a little weak WB, but I think I get your jist. Being extremely "Aryan" I would have been Hitlers wet-dream, and I'm living closer to Guildford than Peckham.
    Sorry if the Daktari jibe caused offence, I was just having a frivoulous Friday.
  14. Not in the slightest, SMF. I was having a well-marinaded Friday .... :D

    Re the blokes in the squad, I've kept in regular (well, once a yearish) touch with one (retread2) but the other good mates from my time with the Corps are strangely enough mostly from other Arms and organisations, particularly the Filth in NI. Must be the fragmented way we serve our time, I suppose. Either that or they all thought I was a git first time round. Good when there's a meeting of minds in Hillsborough every so often though.