Squad 48 photo

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Whiskybreath, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. After chuckling over this with retread2, (and wondering who all those unknown faces were - they were darksiders who'd slithered down from their Northern fastness for the day) I thought I might as well make this available to those of us still vertical.

    PM me with proof of your presence on that day (it was 5 Oct 73) , you cardiac, cancerous, altzheimer'ed DSS scammers, and I'll forward (on condition of a donation to the obvious).
  2. ******* hell, did they even have cameras that long ago!
  3. No, just folk very quick with a stick of charcoal and a broiled animal bone, for the delicate shading.
  4. A taster for the hesitaters:

    Squad 48 lower.jpg

    Complete with exquisite scrollwork of the sort for which this distinguished squad's members were to subsequently become renowned.
  5. Is that N**k R***s second on the right? Those boots look familiar.
  6. Nowhere even close. R*****s and his ilk are sproggi. I spit.
  7. \\True, true....he could never bull those boots properly because of his kipper feet.
  8. Do you have a copy of our Squad photo by any chance?
  9. That must have been from the days when even the privates had big moustaches.
  10. Or the moustaches had big privates!!!!
  11. The finest pair of mustachios on parade were those of our very own retread2, although how the hell he kept them stuck on all through Trade Training I've no idea. Two of our departed comrades wearing bravo top-lips were Taff Shelby-James and Brian Ingledew:

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  12. Speccy lot, aren't you! :D
  13. They are wearing the wrong capbadge...
  14. Noses to the books, lad. Noses to the books. It's what made us what we became, like.

    Embittered fullscrews, for the most part, and a few Gothic authors, national journalists, fortune tellers, "middle managers", "senior managers", cynical alcoholics, artists, conceptual entrepreneurs, heroin freebasers, surfers.

    Well ok, just embittered ex-fullscrews, then. Bastards.
  15. Oy! That was my capbadge. I'll have no abuse of it here!

    We ran out of all available abuse long ago.