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Squad 192. Whos lurking?

Of course they're not. They're too busy celebrating or drinking themselves into oblivion after another epic 8hr scrutinisation
Since only 1 of us had made their presence known, i'd guess you're not too far from the mark!
Barrel? Whose turn is it? :wink:

Edited to add: I was Squad 77, you bunch of rip-roaring red arrses! The youth of today... Harrumph... snore, snore...........
ironrations said:
Which one of the three transferees am I? I have a naked man on my head... And I'm under 30...just!
And you're the SNCO, kind of narrows it down somewhat. No doubt the DS will be all over you next week! Not least for posting at 0900 on Thu 26 Jun, supposedly doing "research" in the library by any chance?

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