Squad 188!!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Alaarm!, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Naughty Naughty! In my day, when transferees were caught cheating on the A3/OPMI 3 they were RTU'd - not just back classed with the recruits! Especailly when it was a group of them!
  2. Alaarm,

    The answer to both is probably yes.

    Might I dare suggest a rewording of your pole question?
  3. Its not called cheating any more, thats not 'fluffy' enough! Last time it happened it was called 'Academic Misconduct'

    CG - Cheat Squad!

    Edited for rrrrrubbish speeling
  4. Of course the should be kicked out! If they can't even cheat in training without getting caught what use will they be in the real world!!! Buffoons!
  5. due to the appalling wording of the question, i have no idea whether to vote yes or no :)

    how did they cheat? if it's taking cheat sheets into exams - fair cop. but if it's coursemates helping each other out with assignments etc - that's not cheating, it's teamwork ;)
  6. Given our capbadge, there's an argument that they should be RTU'd if they didn't cheat - although getting caught betrays some fairly poor skills and perhaps a lack of aptitude.
  7. tell me about it :oops:

    So what happened here? Do tell....
  8. Should cheating transferees be RTU'd

    So I take it if their DE then its ok ?
  9. Well, if you ask a certain member of the Corps who was a DE, then if you fight your corner then you can beat the system! and good on him! If 'They' didnt say what we could and couldnt do, then more fool them!

  10. I have just realised how badly i worded that Poll - DoH! Nevermind, hopefully you all understand what I mean.
  11. Ahh yes, getting caught. That was always my crime, though not on my A3. A2 passing in tests are, of course, another story.........
  12. If they're not bright enough to cheat and get away with it, then maybe they're not right for the Corps anyway.
  13. Hang on, what are we saying yes or no too? RTUing them or keeping them at all costs?? It's one of them double negative/oxymoron fecking confusing questions like you always get it progress tests on courses.
  14. 3 words that were drilled into me many moons ago when I was going through A3...............


    Say no more and sack following the pink and fluffy SAB of course.....

    Don't forget the other three Corps traits.