Squad 120

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by blu17, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi chaps

    Anyone on here from the best squad to leave Ashford in one piece?

    Squad 120?
  2. Only you apparently! The fact that your squad left in one piece suggests it was not fully tested!

    tiny jingling noise as pin hits concrete floor off to the left.
  3. Thye must have had a complete lack of imagination.
  4. wow. from basic through to passing out, we lost 75% of squad 126 going through ashford. pretty sure that those who passed the course were up to scratch. (mind you, there's another reason we lost that many... at the beginning of trade training, the squad suddenly became so big that it was split in two, the two halves taking turns doing security, combat int, CCS etc)

    how did a squad from that era get through without losing anyone?!?! you must all have been brilliant :)
  5. Erm... very sore ARRSES.
  6. I was 120, back in 1989. A lot of the squad was booted before the girls came due to some serious smoking issues. Right after the final exercise! I remember standing outside the block, dirty, tired and wondering wtf was going on.

    A long time ago and I'm still serving after 22 years and 3 months :p
  7. I started off in Squad 151. This was before the Corps began expanding and recruiting more. Only 19 of us went from Winchester to Chicksands for Phase 2. We gained 2 transferees at this point, but of the original 19 only 2 passed out first time, not including me! The pass out parade was mostly people who had been back-squadded from squads 149 and 150. Security was f**king nails to pass in those days....!