Squad 115

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Flying_Padre, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Any members of squad 115 still on the active list??????
  2. I'm not one of them though
  3. No idea, but then I have no idea what squad I joined. When did 115 go through?
  4. Even Mrs Sonic says 115 are sprogs, so it must be some time before 1986?
  5. I think it was shortly after Squad 114, and I'm almost certain that they were before Squad 116.
  6. If it helps then 116 started in 1988
  7. Where would we be without the Corps and its genius for accurate and useless intelligence?
  8. Really? You'd have thought it started much earlier than that.

    Starts counting on his fingers and toes...
  9. Going by the date on my squad photo - I'll check it again......
  10. Gosh - where does the time fly....? :)
  11. Must have been late 87 or early 88

    squad 112 formed up in jan 87 and wern't there about 4 squads a year?
  12. Was it 4? I thought it was 3, hence my useless maths!
  13. Squad 116 formed up in Jan 1988