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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by cpunk, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Sifting through all sorts of shi-ite following my dear Mater's demise on Tuesday, I found the passing out photo of squad 111. God knows why she'd kept it, but there we go.

    Any Squad 111'ers out there prepared to pay me large sums of money to buy this near holy relic? It features a certain 'Lad's Army' star who looks rather like he's just sat unexpectedly on his pace stick...
  2. My favourite memory of 111 was when several of them were looking out of their window in Block 6 watching 112 (a young Devexwarrior included) hurtling up and down the stairs in the changeparade steeplechase.

    One of them offered some bon-mots of encouragement and the next thing Wobbly T and Taff W ran in and invited them to join in the fun.

    We laughed (as much as you can running up and down stairs like mad tw@ts).
  3. Cpunk

    Sorry for not replying earlier but as I have lost my squad passing out photo I would very much like another one. I would make an oath to look after this one better. If you can PM me I would be happy to supply contact details.

    Thanks BA
  4. By the way I am intrigued as to the connection between your Mater and squad 111 - was it anyone I knew?
  5. I was one of your basic training LCpls.
    But I don't want the photo because my own is much better :)
  6. Squad 48 didn't get a passing out photo 'cos we were secret an' incongintio an' such.

    Plus the phots were too busy with 'private' work.
  7. You're either good, bad or ugly (or perhaps lumpy) hmmmmm!
  8. They didn't have cameras then!!

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  9. Watercolour passing out pictures - interesting!!!
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  10. Did they have photos that long ago?
  11. I had a brief today from a 111 veteran (S**** P******) whom I had not seen since our D n D 2 in Ashford circa 1992 -exits left to the strains of It's a smalll world after all.
  12. I've posted this on another chat thing but I'm not very clue'd up on how ARRSE works. Anyway...

    If anyone's interested, I'm just starting to plan a 30th anniversary reunion for Squad 111 (next August). If you're an old squad member or you know someone who is can you get in contact with me.

    Also, if anyone know's how the bloody hell someone starts a new thread in the forums, be a sweetie and let me know!
  13. HHH

    HHH LE


    Go to the Int Corps forum, top right you'll see a "Post New Thread" tab.

    Capture int forum.PNG
  14. HHH, many thanks for that, most appreciated. Love the photo too, looks like the surgery was a success!
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