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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Twoopie, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. All of our Sqns have various symbols to identify them such as the infamous 60 Sqn shroom which is found around the world. However, does anyone know the origin of the 6 Sqn Saracen's head?
  2. It's the name of a Pub famed for gay orgies, glory holes and really ugly fat chicks.

    It's as apt now as it ever was.
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  3. As ex 6 Sqn from 75-78 I was told it was from Northern Ireland tours driving Saracen's (APC's) some said 'Saracen Sixth' and it stuck
  4. Out of interest, would they be some sort of high-vis/day-glo sticker, usually stuck to road signs? Just asking, because, I remember seeing mushroom and aarvark/anteater stickers around Colchester in the eighties. Would these be the same thingies?
  5. When I was in 60Sqn in the 80's we used to lead our sections on Canam's (weren't they awful) and we put our mushrooms all along the MSR we were using so the lads in the wagons knew they were going the right way. Other wise we just stuck them everywhere we went to show we had been there. I remember a big hooha when someone climbed the BFBS Tv tower in Munster and stuck one on there on Lionheart
  6. My Sqn decided to follow on from the 'mushroom' with a cut out of a becks bottle. Didn't last long, the monkies didn't see the funny side. Nowt new in that a suppose.
  7. 2 Sqn had a Jerboa, which was rather widespread, especially when the Sqn moved to Gutersloh. It got turned off very quickly after some plum plastered them over the windscreens of the AAC Lynx.