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Can anyone advise on which, if any, regulations exist to govern or guide on the collection and accountability of Troop / Sqn funds?

I'm particularly interested in the accountability, as following a recent Op deployment involving approx 60% of my Sqn, it has come to light that, in our absence
a) the Sqn funds we had prior to deploying have disappeared, and
b) A sepearate presentation fund, to cover the cost of unit plaques and paid in full on arrival in the Sqn, has been merged into 'Sqn funds proper' and a new levy for presentations has been imposed, covering all members of the unit, including those who have previously paid in full.

Obviously, this has got quite a few backs up, so rather than go off half-cocked I rather hoped some of you chaps may be offer some advice on how best to tackle this issue.

Any help offered would be gratefully received,



All funds have to be correctly managed through the RAO's department and should be fully audited audit each year in accordance with Service Funds Account rules. There must be a fund managers instruction detailing how the account should be run and what it should be used for. If you have a good RAO there should also be some form of business plan.

Tp and Sqn slush funds run in any other way to this are illegal.


Any 'presentation' fund must be cost nuetral. i.e. if the sqn were to be closed down there would be enough money (and not a penny more) to pay out to each paying in member exactly what they have paid in.

Bottom line - your fund should not have disappeared. If it has all been spent whilst you are away you are at liberty to inspect the accounts to see what it has been spent on and to raise concerns with the internal auditor (normally the RAO). If this doesn't work a word in the RSM's ear may well get the right questions asked in RHQ

Hope this helps for a start - I am sure that others can give you further information.......
The rules are contained in Service Fund Regulations (SFRs), if you have any concerns speak to your RAO/ Bde SO2 SPS. Your Sqn Funds should be registered as a Service Fund in the bi-annual return to Bde.
If the funds were not accounted for by the Regimental Accountant, then I would imagine that it would be pretty difficuly to find out where the money has gone, what it was spent on etc as there is not likely to be such a clear audit trail.

If they were however then there should be some sort of Fund Charter, Standing Order etc saying what can and cant be done with your funds.

Best of luck anyway.
The fund must have a Charter and set of rules for the expenditure. These govern how the fund is run, and who the benificiaries (or members of the fund are). It should spell out the rules for the management of the fund, and who can authorise expenditure.

The Charter must accord with Service Fund Regulations and there should also be Unit Standing Orders covering the fund and the duties of the Fund Manager, Account Holder Etc.

The fund must be audited formally once a year and the results on an AFN 1514 must be displayed where all members of the fund can see the income and expenditure of the fund.

The Commanding Officer is the managing trustee for all Service Funds in a unit, and therefore has the final responsibility for the proper management of the fund.

So you have several avenues to explore to find out how the money was expended and how the current situation has arisen.

The suggestions earlier are sound. Speak to the Account Holder or Fund Manager and ask them directly to see the Audit Proceedings. If you are not satisfied with the answers, speak to the RAO - if all else fails, make a complaint to the CO stating your concerns or grievances.

Good Luck!!
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