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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    Bit busy (and rather lazy) right now, but was wondering whether anyone could help me out with a Sqn/Coy recruiting plan this will save me having to write one from scratch.

  2. MSR can you wait a week or so , As I have one but am now on leave as of AD last night for 2weeks and cant get access tothe programme on our RRTT laptop
  3. MSR - what exactly do you need? I can send you a CD's worth of recruiting material if you give me a mailing address.
  4. I'd wait a bit longer if I were you msr. Under rebalancing, every sub unit is to have an NRPS dedicated Recruiting officer. Let him do it. Only 4 weeks to go before they give it the nod.
  5. Well, there you go!.

    We'll all be mobilised for Afghanistan next and then the barrel will be completely empty.
  6. Thought that was every unit gets a PSAO for recruiting?
  7. See above Polar!
  8. ^Yep read them, no mention of subunit posts
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Oh great, another middle aged civil servant, just the sort of person to have their finger on the pulse of the youth of today and an in depth knowledge of marketing (rather like most PSAOs)...

  10. msr - glad you're paying attention. Although to defend PSAOs, a couple of the most prolific and successful recruiters I know in Scotland are PSAOs.

    Back to the new NRPS appointments and I must confess to surprise that our fellow ARRSErs haven't read the job specs in detail and seen fit to pass comment.

    Here's a question for them:

    If a sales organisation isn't selling enough does it:

    a) Deploy more customer-facing salesmen?


    b) Employ more office based managers? A description for this might be.

    or (what I hope we do)

    c) A bit of b) if only for political reasons and shed loads of a) because if we don't we die as an organisation!

    I did also find this:

    Aug 16 E2 SO1 RFCA/Emp Sp HQ RF Lt Col HQ Land Wilton 01 Nov 05 1 NRA FTRS (HC) RSG Closing Date 02 Oct 05

    in here:


    But I don't know how closely it's related, if at all...
  11. [I'm in the process of preparing one as well, PTP. The acronym of the day seems to be SFS - Start From Scratch.]

    I thought PSAOs were employed to organise all sub-unit level golfing activities and jealously guard such top secret documents as TA Regs and RAACs. I must have been misled.

    This COULD be a good move. In theory centralised coordination of recruiting activity within a unit is a good idea. But it does depend very much how it is played. The danger as always is that the new NRPS recruiting officer will take on the organisation of unit level golfing activity, and recruiting activities will still be run/organised and administered at sub-unit level, when not out playing golf. Does this seem familiar to anyone?

    Without doubt the most effective recruiting tool is a bloody good TA OC & SSM combo, with the charisma to generate and maintain pride within the sub-unit, and the dynamism and shrewdness to prepare detailed plans for recruiting activities (including the manner in which those recruits are processed and the timing of their intake) and to slot those plans into the training calendar with minimal effect on training and maximum reward. Go to any TA sub-unit, and I guarantee that your first impressions of the Coy/Sqn will give you a clear idea of what their OC/SSM team are like.
  12. MSR

    Your request's still valid. Your soldiers are still your best recruiters, no matter what SO2 or 3 job is dreamed up and which box is ticked on SaBRE's action plan.

    So crack on with your own plan in your sub-unit matey.
  13. From our experiance the problem isn't recruiting its retention the GAPS,TAFS blah blah process can take a while which is off putting for a want it now generation.
  14. Don't even get me started about PSAO's and Recruiting/ recruit processing. I believe that while having clueless ex reg PSAO's in gravy train positions is of little help, the whole army is out of touch with potential TA youth and ways to recruit for the TA. Some better processes and proceedures would be good with simple, quick and easily accessable IT support would be a start!! It might also be good to give them something interesting to do once in a while when they do turn up and ensure that their move through the process is as seemless as possible.
    How can we retain recruits when our current serving soldiers are being given such a rough ride. It is not good PR or Press.
    Any comments would be read with interest