Sqn,Coy, Bty subs & other moneypots!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Strike, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. In order to protect the unit involved and myself some information may be different from the fact.

    Shortly before deploying on Herrick 8 the boys thought it would be a good idea to have an "end of tour" p*ss up on our return. It was agreed by all to stick £30 into a pot so that the rear party could organise it all ready for our return. the I/C rear party/sub unit 2i/c (a captain) collected everyones 30 quid and we were assured a right good session on our return.

    fastforward 7-8 months and suprise!!! no p*ss up and no return of our money!! he said he cant give it back to us as he entered it into the books, he also gave a political answer worthy of tony blair and dodged it from then onwards. that 30 quid was agreed to be spent on a end of tour party!

    now 2 months later in december people still ask he where this money is! but he blatantly F*cks people off now, infact he has told everyone to stop asking him about it.

    the only possible excuse he has now is that we have a xmas party and that it paid for that! £30 each??? i got madder yet when i hear that some of the new young lads were charged a fiver to attend, subs have not yet been put out so we are yet to find out if were going to be billed or not.

    ontop of all of that, before we deployed in april he set himself a desk up at the MCCP and collected 6 months worth of sub unit subs! take a guess at what he is asking us for now? yes! subs dating back to April. its funny though because nobody has any receipts from back then,

    do i pay any more to this man?
  2. :? Dont get fobbed of mate , thats your money , which was put aside for a knees up .if persons cant give you a valid reason as to where your funds are , then i would smell a rat , and that person is pulling rank to shut you all up as you cant confront them, as you have you careers to think about . Give the SIB a bell to look into it , (No names ) you never know they might be being fraudelent with your monies :x
  3. Just as well you were never at JLR RCT/RAOC they really knew how to shaft you £50 out of a £200 Per month pay packet so civies could have a fire work display..hhmmmmm. Anyway aren't Sqn funds etc illegal? ask for the money back it's yours
  4. 1. Print the service complaints form from here: http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/AboutDefence/CorporatePublications/LegalPublications/ArmedForcesAct2006/Jsp831RedressOfIndividualGrievancesServiceComplaints.htm

    2. Fill in your details and what the problem is, stating you want your £30 back, naming the officer involved and quoting dishonest and improper behaviour.

    3. Submit the form to your CO, making sure you keep a copy.

    If you don't get your money back within 28 days, get in touch with your nearest HIVE/SSAFA/Welfare office and ask for contact details for tri-service legal advisor.

    Your other option is to report as a crime to RMP or CivPol, but 1-3 above is more effective as you can proceed with civil litigation if you haven't had your money back within 28 days of submitting the form to your CO.

    If your entire Sqn/Bty/Coy does the same thing he will have every one of those complaints recorded on his JPA profile, now whose future career looks bleak???!!!
  5. Start emailing or writing to him then, keep a copy of every email/letter, that way you have documented your requests for refund (evidence which you will need for your claim)

    I've also sent you a PM ref further action.
  6. Mate that is so wrong. I can arrange for you to have your dosh back in no time at all. If you and your mates who got fleeced just send me £30 each I can make sure that the money is with you very shortly indeed.
  7. I'd take this option, stick together and state your business as one, so to speak.