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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dirtyradop, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. I am after some much needed advise i have recently been posted into a SQMS slot and am Dvr Rad Op (Comms Spec) by trade. I confess i have very little knowledge of G4 and am picking up as i go along. I was just wondering if any one has any pearls of wisdom? As i am slowly sinking.
  2. Get on a CQMS Cse at Deepcut?
  3. Jesus, if you are "slowly sinking" and you are not qualified as a SQMS (you wouldnt be slowly sinking if you were) then go within your Unit to get help and not here. Like someone has said get on a course, which you should of done before you took up the SQMS slot. :roll:
  4. Buy the other SQ's a few beers in the mess. Speak to the RQ, he won't bite. Was in the same position myself and left it too long to ask for help. Good luck.

  5. I am so sorry for wasting everybodys time, i was under the impression that these sort of forums were for giving and asking for advice. Maybe i sould have mentioned in my initial thread that i have bid for the SQMS course a number of times but have been to low a priority. Also i am sure you are aware people do not always get given time or prior warning as to what job they are going in to. But thank again for your constructive and helpful words of wisdom
  6. Are you after specific advice on a particular aspect of the job or just general tips! I would assume (prehaps wrongly) that you have some staff that are experienced. Did you get a callover of ledgers (handover/takeover) by your QMs before you signed for the stores?
    Best advice is everyone signs for kit going out, everyone pays for kit not returned and 1033s are resigned every 3 months. PM me if you have specific questions.
  7. So as not to attract flak for starting a new thread, I'll just piggy back on this one.

    Would it permissable for a clerk to do the SQMS course or should they just stick to their own stationery cupboard?
  8. What Ammoman said!!!!

    It's not difficult, in fact, it's dead easy!
  9. So did dirtyradop get sacked for being a shit SQMS, then top himself from the shame?

    It can't be that hard anyway, they only dish out binbags and give me a new watch every time I sell mine on Ebay.
  10. Learn JAMES & MJDI as UNICOM is going!
    Joining G4 Branch will make you very liked man in your unit.
    Even more so when new kit or clothing comes in.
    Have a word with your QM or RQMS to get you on a course!!
  11. Basic stuff. Count everything on taking over, call in everything out on 1033, make sure your stores are laid out to CES per your G10 ledger (makes for easier auditing). Audit weekly, test every item of equipment in your stores on a regular basis to ensure it is serviceable, teach Pl Sgts and Section Commanders how to use items of equipment seldom issued. Trust nobody, have everyone sign for kit - including your OC - especially your OC!
    Guard your paperwork closely. Make sure your storeman exercises - in fact take him with you when YOU run daily! Establish a good rapport with the RQMS and TQMS, buy the QM a drink each time he visits your Mess! Keep your Company Sergeant Major informed. On operations and in barracks make sure your Jocks have everything they should (and a wee bit more if you're switched on) at the correct place at the right time every time - that's your real job!
    Learn how many 'Gs' the CQMS's bugle call has (showing my age now), always rather sad seeing one's CQMS getting bollocked!
    In no time flat you'll be a WO2!

    Of course this advice is about 30 years out of date - which is probably the last time I inspected a Company Store!