sqaddie big brother

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by combat016, May 31, 2006.

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  1. here is one for you all. how about a sqaddie big brother.

    1. what would you want in the house.

    2.how many sqaddies in the house.

    3.would we have girls. (yes i think so.)

    4.how much drink would we have.

    5.what games would we play and why.

    6.what do you think we would get up to in front of the public and why.

    7.how long should we spend in the house.
  2. Dunno cant really be arrsed to think about it, however I have always thought putting an ex/serving guy on big brother would be quite funny
  3. Unless he made a tit of himself or did something the public didn't agree with and then made the Army look even worse in the public eye.
  4. probably, but it would be good to see a beer gussling monstar in there who can give the wingeing fcukers a verbal slap, and will tell them to stop bloody crying all the time because theve been in there two days and miss their pet rabbit

    Edited to say- and someone whos not affraid to drown all the fags in the pool, then give the rest of the idiots what for!

    Not very realistic I know and would be bad press, but would be bloody funny
  5. I'd have proper squaddies and lots of alcohol and then I'd have you

    You cos you'd be the fcuking sh*te who everyone hates and thinks everyone is picking on them - because they would be

    They'd be playing "coins up the foreskin" and you'd be in the diary room telling the world how you think they don't understand you feelings.... poof

    Girls would be supplied on a nightly basis, but would have to be from areas local to sennybridge/colchester/etc and of the appropriate standard, so make the squaddies feel at home

    3 days spent in the house, cos within 3 days they'll have broken everything
  6. Wasn't that fat numpty jock bloke who pi55ed in the bin and legged it over the wall an ex squaddie?
    Come to think of it, even if he wasn't he was well qualified! :D
  7. As a psychiatric nurse, I find "Big Brother" impossible to watch, because it's just TOO much like being at work..... even the Big Brother House is just like the modern psychiatric units. (I can tolerate Celebrity Big Brother, cos at least THOSE housemates have achieved SOMETHING else.) But "SQUADDIE BIG BROTHER" might be "something else". .............. but aren't they just a little too used to living amongst a load of to$$ers they don't like to make it pointless?
  8. i reckon 5.56mm would be a good contestant lol!
  9. Yep, He could be the house b1tch....

  10. He'd be so practical tho, even without a suitcase he could still fashion a living space with amenities from a roll of tinfoil and 4 bendy straws...

    Either that or advice the other contestants on how to create said amenities...
  11. lol! he would probably try and pull rank and get people stagging on too just to make sure no jokers hide all the food during the night like some fella in this one has, not that i watch it mind, was just informed....
  12. Don't know why I am contributing to this sh1te thread, and the bad taste does not become me, but...

    What regiment was that chap Barrymore in from the last series?
  13. I reckon MDN should go in as John Mc Crirrick (?) MK2 in a squaddie edition.
    Now that would be worth watching :lol:
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Think you hit the nail on the head, If you lifted a bunch of squaddies and put them into substandard, cramped accommadation with limited crap food where they were constantly watched would they even notice the difference!
  15. Yep.... Bang in a few Para's! Give em' a few cans of Stella. Great for gettin' naked and running around with thier swingers out (Good viewing for us girls!).

    Then stick in a couple of AGC birds! U kno the big lardy sweaty type's.....See what happens????

    Proper telly!!!!